Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper

So my “boyfriend” is now a daddy to a baby girl!
Eva Mendes, 40, gave birth to her first child with longtime boyfriend Ryan Gosling, 33 on Friday, Sept. 12. The couple, who managed to keep their little bundle of joy a secret until Eva was 7 months along, welcomed a beautiful baby girl.
How exciting for them!

On Sept. 12, Eva gave birth to a her and Ryan’s first child, reports Us Weekly who confirmed the news via multiple different sources close to the couple.

This super private couple were very tight-lipped about Eva’s pregnancy. In fact, no one had any idea she was expecting until she was 7 months pregnant! I for one was pretty shocked when I found out.

So what about their careers?
“I’ll make movies until I make babies. I have no idea when the handover will happen,” Ryan said during a 2011 interview, reports Us Weekly. “When someone comes along [to make babies with] I don’t think I’ll be able to do both and I’m fine with that.”
That’s not true, Ryan, you can do both! I as well as many other parents out there have and are doing it successfully!

This is truly a very beautiful and wonderful time for the new parents and I wish them all the best on their new adventure.
And not to be biased, well okay maybe just a little, but Virgo Babies totally rock!
This coming from a Virgo and a mother of a Virgo.
Congratulations Eva and Ryan!

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  1. It’s such an unexpected surprise still…even after finding out she was pregnant a few months ago. Best wishes to the new parents.

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