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  1. What an amazing page you have! I am a make up artist and was looking at reviews for Stila. I stumbled upon your helpful page as I clicked on your picture to view all the wonderful Stila lipsticks. You were definitely right, what a great brand and I have started using many of their colours. My clients love Stila! Thanks again for your advice and reviews. Cheers and look forward to many more reviews.

  2. Nice review on Le Germain – I stayed in the Montreal location several times – love it!! Question for you, I see that the Toronto location is big on the Green Apples – scent and all – Montreal was too but changed to red apples – are you able to provide where the scent comes from and how one can purchase it for their home? I may be stretching here – but thought you may know the answer to this one.
    Colleen Barker

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