There’s a new gem in the online world of Style and it’s muse comes in the form of a famed feline… with a red bow.
Any Hello Kitty fans out there?
Before I get a colossal reply of 6 year old girls waving around their glitter-stained hands and eye rolls from women thinking this is just some infantile line trying to cater to the older “Hello Kitty-Loving” demographic, let me reassure you this isn’t your child’s idea of style (unless she’s one extremely chic little darling).

The Red Bow is an online shoppe inspired by Hello Kitty and the Iconic ‘Red Bow’ for fashionable, grown-up Hello Kitty fans with luxe taste.

When I first discovered The Red Bow, my initial thrill came from, of course none other than my long-time love for Hello Kitty, but also my appreciation for lavish and lovely items that you can’t often find and purchase at your local retail store.
I love the Japanese fashion style – innovative, bold yet charming – and this is captured in the many different products offered at The Red Bow.

The Toronto based owner of The Red Bow, Karen Viray, continues to search for those unique Hello Kitty items to add to her growing collection.
Each and every product in The Red Bow online shoppe is selected by Karen.
A collection of everyday luxuries to rare pieces, The Red Bow follows the Sanrio philosopy of “Small Gift, Big Smile®” and hopes to inspire more Red Bow Luxists to add a little piece of Hello Kitty luxury to their lives.
You can view Karen’s Favourite Things here.

I was so ecstatic to learn of their big re-launch including some gorgeous new items. What got me more eager was when I received an adorable little package from The Red Bow.

On top of pretty packaging (which I’m a total sucker for) and the sweet hand-written note on dainty stationary (another weakness of mine), there was yummy red candy and a sample selection of some of their fabulous items.

The items included:

Can I tell you how much I am coveting the Karen Red Bow Tote? Stunning!

Here are more fantastic items on my Covet List.

1) Belle Chiffon Bow Print Scarves (Red/Emerald/Blue/Black/Nude)

2) Jane Mini Bubble Statement Necklace – Watermelon Pink

3) Graphite Linea Luxe iPhone 5 Case

4) Nude Mila Mini Bow Earrings

What I absolutely love is that you can get these luxe products without paying the luxe price.
Because there’s nothing more fashionable than a great deal on a quality item. Can I get an Amen?!

More Information
If you want to learn more about The Red Bow, you can visit them online at:, on Facebook or on Twitter @redbowshoppe.

From now until May 31st you can enjoy 10% off to celebrate their re-launch using code: REDBOWLAUNCH.

Happy shopping and don’t forget to “Add a Little Red Bow Luxury.”

10 Comments on Hello Kitty, Bows & Pretty Things: The Red Bow

  1. thanks for sharing, I’m going to have to pass this along to my daughter she loves everything Hello Kitty and pretty nice things

  2. after following The Red Bow on instagram for a while since this post, I’m in love. I’m not usually huge into bows and just being girly in general but I want SO MUCH of what they have!

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