So today was yet another day 3 ultrasound. Aunt Flo showed up (fast & furious!) and today I had the regular Day 3 cycle monitoring appointment. Having gone to these appointments continuously since March of this year, I’m pretty much use to everything — ultrasound, poked in the arm for blood and a meeting with the specialist.
This appointment Dr.Cheng advised me that there is some growth and I have 2 growing (larger sized) follicles which is a good thing. Yay! So I’m happy about that. Now, in terms of meds, I was advised to start clomid again (and for the last time) at the highest possible dose (200mg). I am hoping and praying that this is it. We cannot afford to move onto injectables which cost thousands out of our pocket (health coverage isn’t so great when it comes to fertility treatments which is unfortunate).
We’ll see what God has planned for us. I’ll just leave it in his hands.
Tonight I start the clomid for 5 days and then go back in for Cycle day 10 monitoring and see if there are any mature follicles that can be triggered with an hcg shot (another $85).
Here’s hoping!

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