If you’re like me (miss sentimental-keeps practically everything ever given to her in tons of boxes) than you probably are wondering what to do with all those Holiday cards you receive (or have received) from loved ones, friends, your boss and even that random co-worker you never really talk to and is just “filled with holiday spirit” that always leaves a wrapped box of chocolates and a card on your desk every year.

I love receiving cards and they are truly such a lovely and decorative item that just gets put to waste, either hidden and collecting dust somewhere in the house or sadly even in the trash after the holidays is over.

I came across this photo, although I can’t remember where unfortunately, of a clever way of bringing those Holiday cards back to life during the holidays.

All you’ll really need for this fun project is a strong and sturdy vase (preferably a stone or ceramic vase), tall branches (you can pick and choose the colour of branch), a large ribbon to tie on the vase and your choice of ribbon to tie the Cards up, a single hole-punch press to punch holes in the cards for hanging and various sizes serving bowls and trays (best if matched to vase) filled with your choice of treats and re-arranged at the bottom of the Holiday Card Tree.


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