Before we chat a little, allow me to add a tranquil milieu.  *Cue TELUS Fireplace*

You can find this relaxing scene on your device here.

Last night I sat in front of my crackling fireplace with all the other lights in the house shut off. The beautiful glow of our Christmas tree reflecting off of my glass of red wine; the soothing sounds of Harry Connick Jr. as he sings ‘When My Heart Finds Christmas’, and  taking a big sigh of relief knowing I just finished about a weeks worth of work I had piling up on my desk plus completed most of my holiday gift wrapping with a grin.


This was perfection.
But then something struck me.
I realized this has become most of my nights. Yes, although it seems wonderful (and most times it is if I’m not plagued with a pounding headache), grasping that fact that I’ve been spending a lot of my evenings (and even days) alone focused on work.  Whether it’s from my desk in complete solitude or sitting in the living room among my children and hubby as they excitedly chatter around me as I read through emails on my phone or quickly send off a PDF to a client, still pretty much detached.
Yes, I know these things can wait. But it’s been a busy time of year and ironically, the reason I do all this now is to avoid having work to do later on so I can spend more time with my family.
But who am I kidding? I always say this but the weeks pass and that doesn’t really happen.
Thankfully my family is so understanding. My husband is a huge support and my children, as young as they are, accept and acknowledge my work although the guilt often eats at me like a ravenous beast.
Quality time with my loved ones is essential and this is especially true this time of year.


Encompassed in the retail and marketable holiday chaos you see around you encouraging you to BUY THIS and BUY THAT, for the second year in a row one company has reminded me to unplug and focus on making the most out of human connections this holiday season by getting into Holiday Mode.

It’s easy to get caught up in the season and forget to connect with those around us. TELUS authentically wants to help Canadians focus on what’s really important for the holidays: personal connections.

Sure their job is to connect millions of people every day, but they do understand that nothing can replace the human connection.

To do this, TELUS is offering some really fun ways to help you get into Holiday Mode this year.
Check them out here!

I’m inspired and really need this catalyst to help me become more present this holiday season, for my loved ones, and for me.

On Holiday Mode – Do Not Disturb.

I can’t get over the cuteness of this seasons hottest wearable.  Although mine may have been a little snug, tighter clothes is something that often comes with the holidays though, right? Ha!

How do you plan to get into Holiday Mode?


To enter, Visit TELUS online here and share your ideas about how you get into Holiday Mode using the tools and inspiration found at and you can win a JBL CLIP+ Bluetooth Speaker (ARV $60) – one of my favourite little (and powerful) portable speakers!


Comment below letting me know your ideas on getting into Holiday Mode and also share on social media tagging me and Telus with hashtag #expectmore for additional contest entries.

Contest is open to Canadian Residents.  Ends December 15, 2015.

Holiday Mode #ExpectMore Giveaway

Disclaimer: This is sponsored content in collaboration with Telus as part of #TeamTELUS, however all opinions and thoughts expressed are entirely my own.

55 Comments on The Best Present is Being Present – Get Into Holiday Mode and #ExpectMore

  1. We get into the Holiday mode by using the fireplace a lot and serving hot cocoa. I’d love it too if we had a little “DIY Christmas sweater” competition too.

  2. I get into the holiday spirit with decorations and helping others. While shopping for the family I always make sure to buy for donations.

  3. I get in Holiday Mode by putting some holiday tunes on my phone and decorating the tree with my family. We then invite close family and friends over to enjoy some holiday treats and hot chocolate.

  4. I got into Holiday Mode using the tools and inspiration at Telus by downloading the papercraft fireplace!! I commit to giving my phone a little time off and appreciating the time I have with my loved ones fully present.

  5. I didn’t realize so much is going on at the Telus site – the fireplace is the perfect way to get started into the holiday mode

  6. I need to get some new ink for my printer so I can download and print the papercraft fireplace they offer so we can watch the yule log channel and pretend we have a fireplace. It’s such a cool idea!

  7. I like that their technicians are on time for 95%. Considering all the driving around, that’s good.
    I look forward to spending quieter time together reading and playing board games.

  8. Oh there’s so much holiday mode happening at Telus! I’d start by laying my favorited blanket beside that fireplace. Then I would use the awesome headphones to relax. If I had company over, I would use the Bluetooth to share my favorite Christmas music! The possibilities are endless with Telus, I love it😀

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