For many years I’ve wrestled with plenty of different ailments and health challenges with my children — from the common colds to allergies to broken bones.
The amazing thing about parenting is, even with a plethora of well-meaning advice and tips from family and friends, you live and learn through all these experiences pretty much on your own.
Every person is different and our bodies react variously to different things. It’s up to us to discover ways that work best for us and for our family members.

I’m a huge advocate for essential oils. I’m not very seasoned but I’m learning. I guess it’s been something I’ve been predisposed to since childhood as my mother and grandmother were very much into homeopathic remedies and using natural products we have at home to cure or relieve common ailments.
Plus the aroma of the right essential oils is so soothing and sedating.
Lavender being one of my absolute favourites. I have an oil diffuser in almost every room in my home (Saje has some great ones including fantastic diffusing oils).

My daughter suffers from eczema and some days being worse than others. I’ve tried so many different remedies and store-bought products but none have really helped as much. It wasn’t until I started applying coconut oil that I’ve started seeing a big difference.
I then put together a concoction of oils that I know hold amazing benefits and finally found something that truly works wonders!

Next to lavender, Melaleuca oil (also known as tea tree oil) is at the top of my must-have essential oils in my medicine cabinet. There are so many incredible uses and health benefits of tea tree oil. Check out this article here for a great list.

Apply this cream on irritated skin daily until rash disappears.

What are your favourite essential oils and what do you use them for?

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