So as you may know, DH and I are currently TTC for baby#2. Because of my PCOS, it has been very difficult to get pregnant as I do not ovulate every month.

Since February of this year I have been seeing a specialist at the Isis Regional Fertility Clinic in Mississauga, ON. Was started initially on metformin (3x a day) and then after a couple of months of no success, clomiphene (Clomid), which is an ovulation-inducing drug, was added to the mix. First at 50mg (no changes in my ovaries), then 100mg (still no changes) and final at 150mg (changes finally!). After my last routine cycle monitoring appt (I have been at the clinic between every 2-7 days for bloodwork, ultrasound & quick doctor meeting to monitor cycle & treatment), I was told that I had a mature follicle at 1.8cm on my left ovary. This was great news!
After today’s appointment, the doc told me that the LH surge could happen anytime now and ovulation will occur. So right now it’s the waiting game. If need be, they may inject me with the HCG shot which aids in having the egg release (ovulation).
We are hoping and praying that this egg turns into a fetus! 🙂 It’s been a long journey so far and I really don’t want to go through IUI or IVF. 🙁
Back in for another early morn appt. at the clinic, this time with my mom (who graciously has been helping me with these appt.’s when DH couldn’t take that day off work).
Will keep you posted.

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  1. We were lucky that it only took us about 10mths to have our first. I feel for those who are not so lucky and have to go for years if ever. 🙁

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