I’m a huge beauty lover — perfumes, makeup, skincare, any and everything that would accentuate your natural beauty and make your skin glow.  However, the one thing that I’m extremely conscientious about it is the quality and what goes into each product.  This is especially true now as a mother as I’m always around my children, most often wrapped in plenty of warm hugs and kisses.  I am also always on the lookout for vegan and natural products I can use on their skin.  I was happy to learn of a beauty & skincare product line that is all-natural and created right on Canadian soil with skincare and beauty products for every member of the family.


Queen Bee of BEE23 Natural Beauty, Michelle Rosetta, began this venture in an off grid cabin outside Thunder Bay, ON when she was impassioned by the current state of our environment and the impact our beauty industry had not only on our planet but on our people.

“After suffering from severe headaches, I realized the trigger was my favourite perfume.” says Rosetta. “Although the scent was soft, with research I realized there were severely detrimental synthetic chemical additives in my product. As a woman and mother, I immediately saw the connection between what I wore on my skin, my health and the impact it had on those around me and my environment.” Taking matters into her own hands, Michelle set out on a journey to gain the knowledge and skills to create a natural formula that would soothe, restore and rejuvenate with all the aspects of a potent facial moisturizer and none of the contaminants that actually can dry, irritate and take away from a youthful complexion.

Michelle was contacted by the Green Living Show in Toronto, ON to bring down her little pots of magic to the big city. After two years in the Toronto market, as a single mother of 4 children, she decided to take the plunge and pack up the caravan moving the crew with dogs…and an old horse to downtown Toronto. Three years later with a “we can do it” attitude, she has gained a growing incredibly loyal customer base, a substantial retail presence and of course the next step is the red carpet!

Now, BEE23 Natural Beauty has been invited to bring their natural glow to one of the notorious gifting suites at the 2017 Awards Week in Hollywood. The goal is to have their products that you love and use become the talk of Tinseltown.

If you have seen them in action, then you know they’ve been hustling hard and going to La La Land is in their sights. BEE23 Natural Beauty will be posting their Hollywood adventure from opening curtains to end of chapter via YouTube and social media, so you can join them every step of the way.

Who else is extremely inspired by Michelle’s success story? Single mother of four and doing all that she does (and look that fabulous?) – yes, girl, yes!

You can help them reach their goal and help hotty balm go to Hollywood!  Any contribution, big or small, matters and would be greatly appreciated.  You can visit their GoFundMe page here: https://www.gofundme.com/HottyBalmGoesHollywood

Visit Bee23 Natural Beauty online at http://www.bee23.ca.

I’d love for you to try out their popular hotty balm for yourself.  Simply comment below telling me which of the Hotty Balms (Mature to Dry, Normal to Oily, Heroine Hotty Balm with Argan Oil) you’d like for yourself below in the comments to be entered to win!  



25 Comments on Hotty Balm Goes to Hollywood

  1. Her story is inspiring, especially because she has 4 kids and was still so successful! WTG!

    I’d love to try the Heroine Hotty Balm with Organic Argan Oil, it sounds like just what my winter-weathered skin needs right now, thanks so much for the chance to win some!

  2. oh my gosh! I would try the Mature to Dry ! And what an inspiring woman. I have found it tough on the few night that I had to put my girls to bed alone without my husband because he had to stay at work late and how much I felt like a single mom and how tiring it was. and that was just for a couple nights with TWO kids. What an incredible woman to do it every day, every night with FOUR! Good on her! She deserves much greatness & success <3

  3. I would love to try the Normal to Oily. I use Lavender essential oil on my face whenever I have a breakout, it’s so soothing and calming.

  4. I would like to try Heroine Hotty Balm with Organic Argan Oil! My skin gets irritated easily so I am always looking for products that might calm it down.

  5. I would love to have the Heroine Hotty Balm with Argan Oil for myself!I love that in the description it says it is good for dry skin and helps with issues of eczema which
    is perfect for my needs. I love products like this that are all natural.
    ( *This formula has also had excellent results with relieving skin issues related to eczema and psoriasis. )
    Thanks so much for the giveaway and chance to win!! 🙃✨💛

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