Sorry, this isn’t really a post providing you tips and tricks.  In reality, the truest and quickest answer is lots of patience, strong coffee in the morning and great wine in the evening and enough storage space to throw all your shit in (whoops! Long day evening wine talking…) before you have the professional photographs taken and before your home becomes an open window to the entire world.

Aah, the thrilling and wavering world of real estate.

Thankfully, the odds were ever in our favour when we made the swift yet strategic decision to put our house on the market early this month.

The first time we sold our first home (the one before the current one), my eldest was three and a half and I was pregnant with my son. For some reason, perhaps I blocked it out of my mind completely, but I forgot how it was to put your house on the market with a preschooler. Maybe my daughter was easier (she was and is a bit more, okay, a lot more calmer than my son is at this age). Yes, that may have been it.
This time around, a whole other story.
I was ready to throw in the towel and take the first offer that came to us no matter what it was only after day 1 of our house being on the market. That’s how stressful it was.

But after the chaos of the serious decluttering and cleaning (we have SO many things in our home!), photos being taken for the world wide web listing, and the first slew of house viewings, it was smoother sailing.
As long as I kept my son from spilling anything major on the carpets or sofa and the house smelled great (thank you, Lampe Berger!) all that was left for me to really focus on was ensuring I wouldn’t go crazy when having to take my kids out multiple times in a day and not having access to our home on the weekend of open house.

We spent many hours exploring different parks and conservation sites around us, walking around the mall, and driving aimlessly to kill a few more minutes before the last folks left.
I had to keep my hand vac and disposable antibacterial surface wipes within reach and cooking was limited (although I wasn’t complaining too much about that).
Our house didn’t feel like a home anymore because our personal photos were all packed up and off display, everything was staged to sell in each room and the house was way too clean for my liking.
My three year old was getting frustrated at the fact that he couldn’t quite be “himself” in his home and there were moments that he just wanted to nap in his bed and not leave; I too was getting a bit restive and agitated as I didn’t have access to my home office and couldn’t get much work done, but we had no choice but to leave because we had viewings lined up that afternoon.
It truly was exhausting.

But thank goodness after what seemed like the longest few days ever, our house sold within 4 days (could have been sooner but we didn’t accept any offers until the Sunday of that week) and above asking after a bidding war between 5 potential buyers. Woohoo!
It’s a great feeling.  And we survived.  I survived! 🙂 

And an even better feeling? Getting the house you fell in love with!
Yes that’s right! Shortly after selling, we started searching for our new home in a completely new city and after looking at a few houses, I finally found one that crossed everything off our check-list and was just beautiful.
I was kind of nervous we wouldn’t get it because it was just stunning and at a good asking price. We were prepared for a bidding war but had a strict budget; I was on pins and needles!
Getting the call from our agent that we got the house was such an amazing feeling.  Finally, it was all over and now we can move on to the next phase… packing!  We move this summer and my family and I are thrilled to settle into a new city where we know nobody! A bit daunting but still exciting nonetheless.  

Here’s to new beginnings! 

Little peek at our new home!

27 Comments on How To Survive Putting Your House On the Market with Small Kids

  1. As a Real Estate Sales Rep with Sutton Innovative, I can attest to this article, so often baby and child stuff take over rooms or sometimes the whole house. It is so important to declutter and make the rooms show what they are actually used for

  2. Currently going thru this with a toddler…..I pick my battle when it comes to the toys. Really, I have a 3 yr old, my house will not be clean enough ever lol

  3. I remember when I had my home on the market, the days I had to load the dogs and the kids in the car and just go for a drive, and trying to keep the house spotless because you never knew when you were going to get a call, oh the joy of it all, and then we decided not to sell, at least my home was clean lol

  4. Wow, your new home looks amazing!
    I’m glad it’s all over too. I can imagine it would be stressful for you and your kids.

  5. Congrats on both the new house and the sale of the old one! We just bought our first house last year and I found that incredibly stressful so I can’t imagine how stressful selling would be. Lucky for you, it took no time to sell!

  6. your house is absolutely gorgeous! I know I already told you that on FB but telling you again 🙂 I would love for my family to be in a house that beautiful when they are a bit older. looks like a wonderful neighborhood too which is so important <3 congrats to your family and good luck on the packing and moving

  7. Congratulations! 4 days plus over asking is amazing!!! Our house sold in 10 and I thought that was fast. It’s a sellers market right now most definitely.
    The new home is lovely! I love corner lots and the foyer is stunning.

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