Great article from another Modern Mom that I came across. Such a touchy subject for most families but something that needs to be visited and discussed between husband an wife to secure a positive and healthy household.

I have to admit, I have slippery fingers. I am a shopaholic and the sight of seeing sales (from garage sales to department store sales), I’m on it like a hawk! It’s like when you were a young child hearing the ice cream truck music playing from the next block all giddy and excited.
I am glad that my hubby is much better in budgeting and sticking to it! He knows what we really need vs. what we just want.
I don’t want to be responsible for my family falling into debt so it’s definitely something I’m working on. But hold on, don’t think now that I am one of those crazy shopaholic’s with dollar signs in my pupil’s. Far from it. I still know my limit’s. Just hard to not walk away from a shop I adore without even a little item like $20 worth of picture frames, a $5 iced latte or a cute top for my Ava. Yes, I know all those little expenses add up.
Blame it on those darn little voices in my head. :p

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