I have an itty, bitty secret, that relates to my parenting, and I may not be very proud of.

My little girl that just turned three this past October 29 is still on that pacifier. There! I said it! 
I don’t know why I feel the need to be ashamed and embarrassed to admit it.
Is it because some moms look at it to be evil? Will I look like a bad mother because I’m allowing my toddler to soothe herself? Am I really ruining my daughters teeth?
I thought Potty-Training was going to be a lot tougher, boy was I wrong. Nicking the Paci has proven to be the most difficult challenge to date for me in my parenting journey.

Okay, let’s be clear.  She doesn’t walk around with a pacifier in her mouth (that I find to be a tad disturbing).
She’s three.
She knows she’s a big girl and will only use her pacifier to sleep. I remove it as soon as she falls asleep.
I have tried everything: books, movies, putting in an envelope to be sent to a baby who needs it, Binky Fairy took it disappearing act… nothing worked. What we were left with was a toddler that did not want to sleep. No matter how tired she was.
Mix that with her tendency to get terrible night terrors if her sleep schedule is wacky and you’ve got long, sleep less nights… for all of us!
I’ve spoken with my dentist and pediatrician and have read up on many articles concerning this very touchy subject and am fully aware of the good, the bad and the ugly of pacifier usage.
Ava is extremely intelligent for her age (and trust me, I’m not just saying it because she’s my daughter). 
She learns and picks up things so quickly and her communication/speech is more than perfect! In fact, she started speaking very well shortly after her 24 month birthday.
So am I concerned about poor speech development? Not at all.
Recently, I received this wonderful book from the Pacifier B Gone System, which is also a PTPA winner, called Now I’m Big: It’s Time for The Binky Fairy to Visit.
This book was soo good in fact that we were very close to shipping “Sucky” away to Binky Land with Binky Fairy. She really wanted to give it away to a little baby that needed it.
The envelope was sealed and signed and everything.
Well, lasted a few hours. Bedtime came along and along with her security blanket (another thing attached to her hip), she wanted her sucky.
We’ll keep trying! 😉

Here’s another thing I will admit. I was a thumb-sucker. I sucked my thumb from fetus to 6 years old! Do I have bad teeth  or an over or under bite now? No. In fact, I have never had any braces and my teeth are perfectly aligned. I’ve also never had any major tooth issues to this day aside from a few cavities/fillings growing up as a child.
And I happen to like my smile. 😀
So really, should I be so hard on myself and feel the need to have to always defend the fact that my daughter still uses her “sucky” (as she calls it) to fall asleep at night?
We are working, everyday, to say buh-bye to binky. No pressure on our little one. She’s a big girl now and she constantly reminds me of that. It won’t be long till she realizes that big girls don’t need pacifier’s.

Unless, she decides to never let this habit go. Do they sell adult pacifiers anywhere? :p

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  1. As a parent you do the best that you can for you and your family.
    It is so hard today to live up to everyone’s expectations and beliefs on how ur child should be raised. I don’t see a problem with ur child having a soother at that age. I get nasty looks all the time because I never gave my daughter one . I mean of course she might have used it a bit but it was my preference for her she didn’t have one. She is 6 months and has maybe used one 2 weeks out of her life. I keep 3 in my bag incase. It’s a design I made for us and no one else’s opinions should matter. Now after all this I wish I would have pushed it more because my daughter now self soothes with her hand in her mouth witch is not good for her hand and skin I have read but I am sure just as tour child will overcome her need for the soother. Mine will over come this. As parents we do the best we can, and that’s all we need to do

  2. Oh the pressure we put on ourselves to be a certain kind of parent! I can relate! My daughter had horrible night terrors too, I’d have done anything for a good night sleep. She pacified herself by sucking on a stuffy until it was nothing but shreads LOL You are indeed a fabulous mom!

  3. My son used his (only at night) until 4. I let him give it up when he was ready and exchange it for a toy. I’m glad we had it as before he turned four he had a major medical emergency and it was a real help soothe him while in the hospital. I’m so tired of people being so judgemental of choices. If it’s not a soother, it’s the bottle or formula feeding. I went with what worked for our family.

  4. Your not a bad mom at all. Theses things take time. Some kids give it up easy while others like it. I sucked my thumb until well a long time. It will always work out in the end 🙂

  5. Getting rid of my son’s paci was so hard. He was almost 2.5 yrs when he gave it up. He’d bitten through it and I told him we didn’t have any more. He cried a bit the first night and then has never talked about it again. BUT it was the THIRD time we’d tried to break him of the paci habit. So, I kinda think they’ll let it go when they’re ready…gulp.

  6. I had a pacifier addict as well! One day she accidentally dropped it into the toilet and that was that. She still, 2 years later, recounts this story with a great deal of sadness. I say there are worse things. It’s not like she will be going into grade one with one in her mouth. She’ll give it up soon enough. 🙂

  7. Whew! I thought I was the only one with a 2 1/2 who still uses a paci! M uses it during nap time and when he goes to bed. As soon as he wakes up he throws is on the bed. Don’t feel bad, Carol. I’ve learned not to 🙂

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