The things that I admire and respect most about other women are their positive influences and their drive.
What is amazing about being a social media addict (for lack of a better word) and a blogger is that you can connect with so many women just like you and learn from one another. Also, have your thoughts and opinions voiced the way you want to.
Because face it, not many women (or people in general) are very comfortable in face-to-face interactions. Although they may not be the greatest in voicing their thoughts in person, they are AMAZING when doing it behind a laptop. 🙂
And there’s nothing wrong with that.
In fact, many brands are recognizing that now. The power of the written word. The magic behind the woman’s voice. Even more so, the oh-so-effectual Mother.

I began my blogging journey about 4 yrs ago actively, but mainly for personal reasons relating to family matters. It was private and nobody except close family & friends had access to it.
Recently, I came to notice other blogs and was inspired and touched by many articles I’ve read from other women like me.  Being a PCOS & Infertility ambassador and going through a rough rollercoaster trying to conceive, I thought instead of making my journey private, why not share it so that perhaps I may inspire and touch other women too?
Then, I started noticing the rewarding careers behind women bloggers in PR, enthusiastic and working with wonderful brands for marketing purposes, getting paid for it and all from home!
And I thought to myself, I can totally do this!

For most of you that do not know me well, I have a strong background in Entrepreneurship and Business. I am always looking for that perfect Work-from-home opportunity where I can balance work and life.
I love being a mom, but I can’t sit still. I have to be doing something aside from my regular supermom duties.
I then also started getting hooked onto the convenience and inter-activeness of Facebook and Twitter.
What great platforms for communication and connecting! I quickly became addicted.

Which is why I was beyond excited and honored to be given an invite to the upcoming She’s Connected Conference in Toronto on Sept 29-30!

A great opportunity for women interested in learning more about social media influence and connecting with brands and also to network with other digitally connected and influential women.

I am looking forward to attending and already booked my hotel at the Sheraton Centre. Thankfully because I’m such a newbie and don’t really know anybody that will be attending (aside from some that I chat with frequently on twitter), my hubby will be staying at the hotel for the night as his office is just walking distance. 🙂
That’s definitely reassuring to me. And I’m also thankful for my mom taking 2 days off work to care for 2 1/2 yr old while I’m gone. It’s always good to have a great support system.

I can’t wait to learn and network during this wonderful 1 1/2 day event! Thanks so much to Donna and the team at She’s Connected for inviting me to this event and I hope to meet you all there!
For more info regarding this conference and She’s Connected, visit: or

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