Recently, a fellow twitter mom and writer of, Sara Hodge, had called upon the help of fellow SCCTO attendee’s to complete a mini survey to share their experience in the blogging and social media -world – how they got here and why? With all the responses she received she compiled a wonderful article, Inspiration is Contagious.  I was happy to take part and have my comments included in this article.

It’s always refreshing to read what others have to say because we grow from learning.
It’s a fantastic article for those that are quite new to blogging/writing and would like to hear from women that were in the same shoes not too long ago (me included!).
I’m still growing and absorbing all the wealth of information and advice I can get to better my content, all at the same time growing confident in my writing.
I wish you all a wonderful experience and please do share any tips, comments, questions you may have.

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