My daughter plays a mean game of soccer, loves chasing and petting frogs… in the mud, but she also loves pink, glitter and barbie!
So is she a girly-girl? No. What is a girly-girl anyways? Does that even still exist? I hope not.
The same way I hope that boys aren’t ridiculed for playing with dolls or watching Princess Movies. And being told to “suck it up” or “be a man” when the onset of tears well up in their eyes after a fall or losing a game.
Ugh, one of the worst sayings ever. Please let’s just stop.
There’s something about children and their vivid imagination and innocence we should just, as parents and adults, keep pure and unscathed.
We need to stop the gender segregation, especially when it comes to play and what our kids choose to love.

Since I was a little girl, some of my most cherished memories were in my room, playing with my barbie dolls.  Now I have a little girl that also shares the same adoration for Barbie® and it’s warming to the heart knowing that once upon a time, my mother smiled watching me engage in an inventive game of Barbie® and Friends. Here’s the difference now… it’s generation Z! And technology has made our children’s love for Barbie, now more interactive online with Barbie® My Dreams.

Barbie® my Dreams is a new online interactive hub for contests, games and of course dreams! Canadian Barbie fans will love collecting their favourite things, catching up with Barbie® and friends and entering the latest contests.  Barbie® my Dreams is a safe environment for mom/dad and daughter/son to play together and WIN! It functions similar to the beloved Pinterest, but for the biggest Canadian Barbie fans. Content is uploaded regularly and when you sign up for a Barbie my Dreams account you will be the first to know about new promotions. 



My daughter was thrilled to jump online and open up her very own Barbie® My Dreams Account and start posting dreams to her Dream Boards (or in our language ladies – “pinning” to her boards). This makes it easy for gift-giving as well, because we know exactly what she’s eyeing and on her “Love list”. 


And even more exciting? Joining Barbie® My Dreams, you get access to fun promotions and contests and currently there is Barbie® Express Your Style Contest going on from now till March 23rd!
With the Express your Style contest, Mom and daughter can show off their style for their chance to win a trip for four to Toronto for an unforgettable shopping experience! How cool is that?


The Express your Style contest is a way to show off your personal style, how you stylize your Barbie or showcase your style sense by uploading your favourite outfit.
All the images are private and cannot be viewed by the public — so it’s your personal spot to curate your style. Entering is super easy!
Just post one of your fave fashion items to your Express Your Style DreamBoard.
Then upload a photo of yourself, your friends and Barbie® showing your fave style or look!
Whatever your style is, express yourself! Mix and Match for endless possibilities! To enter visit:


One of my readers will win one Barbie Style Doll for your little Barbie Lover! 


To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me what your child (or you) loves most about the Barbie® My Dreams site. Visit it here:

Contest is open to Canadian Residents only (excl. QC). Ends March 21, 2014.

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21 Comments on Interactive Fun for Barbie® Lovers with My Dreams + Barbie® Giveaway

  1. I love how they can create a dream board. I also like all the games and how it is definitely very kid friendly and oriented.

  2. Love the layout and the colours on the site. My niece loves Barbie so I will have to check and see if she knows about this site!

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