A Canadian Favourite Just Got More Canadian!

Is there anything better then finding a food item at the grocers that you can easily whip up for your children and that they gobble up each and every time? 

My family and I were recently introduced to Italpasta’s latest addition to their line-up of pasta products, Italpasta Mac and Cheese.  Not only were my kids thrilled to try it, but I was very happy to learn it is made with 100% Canadian wheat and Canadian cheddar cheese without any preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.  

Warming Little Tummies with Italpasta’s New 100% Canadian wheat and real cheddar cheese Mac & Cheese

My family adores pasta; however, my kids LOVE mac and cheese!  I mean, if it was up to them, that would be all they would ever eat.  

Of course, as a mother, I love feeding my kids dishes that they love but I also want to ensure they’re eating foods that are made with natural ingredients and is good for their growing bodies.  A little cheat day doesn’t hurt anyone but with the amount of mac and cheese these kids request, finding one that has no preservatives or artificial flavours is a huge bonus.

dsc_7283-copydsc_7259-copydsc_7263-copydsc_7273-copyMade in the same quick and easy fashion we know and love, Italpasta’s Mac and Cheese is prepared in no time and ready to warm little tummies.  I like to also add some butternut squash, pieces of ham and turkey dogs or bacon and peas – very yummy!  Currently, they are available in original and white cheddar.


Enter to win an Italpasta Mac and Cheese Care Package!  Leave me a comment below telling me who in your family would be most excited to try the new Italpasta Mac and Cheese and why.

Contest is open to Canadian Residents.  Ends 12/5.


Italpasta Mac & Cheese Care Package Giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Italpasta.  Compensation and product was received; however, all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author. 

102 comments on “Warming Little Bellies With Italpasta’s New Mac and Cheese #Giveaway”

  1. My DD Lilja would be most excited. She would eat Mac and Cheese for every meal if I let her! My twins would be pretty happy with this too!

  2. My daughter would. She’s just at the age when she can help make food and she can make mac and cheese almost by herself and it’s amazing.

  3. I would be most excited for it as it would making lunch for the kids so much easier and something they would actually eat too.

  4. My niece would be most excited to try this new mac and cheese because Mac and cheese is her favourite meal.She would live off it if she was allowed.

  5. My husband. He loooooves mac n cheese! The pizza option is quite the creative idea! Never thought of it! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. My 24 month old would love this! Mac and cheese is a staple in her current diet and like you I find myself trying to get creative adding various proteins and veggies.

  7. My hubby would be excited to try it, he loves mac & cheese! And I am sure he would love to try it out and see what he thinks of it.

  8. My Son , he loves Mac and Cheese , he would eat it daily i do believe , he truly loves it , thanks for the chance 🙂

  9. Both of my daughters would be completely excited! they are mac & cheese obsessed especially my oldest. She is autistic and VERY picky. all she eats every day at lunch is mac & cheese

  10. I am the most excited, I’ve tried so many homemade recipes, I like trying diff ones to see which one I like the best.

  11. Pasta is a family favourite, mac and cheese is the favourite of all pastas. Needless to say, my whole family would be excited to try this out.

    P.S. I get dibs on the wool socks!

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  12. My son would love to try this new Mac and Cheese. His favorite meal is Mac and Cheese and it would be great to see how it stands up to the other brands.

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