There is a new piece of shiny equipment that has taken up prime real estate on my kitchen counter and making my mornings a whole lot more cheerful… say hello to my little friend, Vertuoline.

Nespresso has revolutionized how you drink coffee and I was so thrilled to experience this for myself.
Being the coffee aficionado that I am, I couldn’t have been more excited to learn of the brand new Nespresso Vertuoline machine.

The Nespresso Vertuoline is a groundbreaking countetop machine that does double duty by brewing coffee or shots of espresso from convenient Grand Cru coffee capsules.
Bar codes on the capsules (which are dome-shaped rather than the conical shape of the existing capsules, to avoid confusion) are identified by the machine and the “correct” pour (espresso versus large cup coffee).
Bar codes on capsules? Hello 2014!

I visited our local Home Outfitters to check out the latest new Nespresso Vertuoline and was instantly enamored. Not just for it’s sleek, contemporary facade and technical specs, but the taste of the coffee… oh wow, amazing!


Had I not walked out with a brand new Vertuoline of my own, I would have probably been in that store all day, sampling the coffee and espresso!  It fit perfectly on my kitchen countertop (ironically next to our beloved Keurig system) without taking too much space which I love.


The Vertuoline offers the first ever brewed coffee from Nespresso complete with their signature crema. This is what sets them apart from other drip coffees made with a traditional drip coffee machine.

What’s Crema?

Check out that crema!

VertuoLine coffees are characterized by rich, generous hazelnut-colored foam called crema. thanks the their new Centrifusion™ technology. Crema is a naturally formed foam of coffee and air produced during the brewing process. Espresso lovers know that crema is the sign of ultimate coffee quality and enhances the tasting pleasure.

The unique centrifuge action of the Nespresso VertuoLine ensures you get every drop of flavor from each Nespresso capsule. Just insert a capsule and close the lever-when activated, the capsule spins at 7,000 rotations per minute, blending ground Coffee with hot water and producing the perfect crema to complement your favorite Coffee or Espresso.

I like things quick and easy, so a big plus for me with the Vertuoline is how simple it is to work and it also makes for less clean-up (win-win!).

With an Intelligent Brewing System, it reads the Grand Cru capsule barcodes and adjusts brewing to optimize each cycle for a specific blend. Simply insert the capsule, lock the machine by pressing down and turning to the left and press the button on top for a perfect coffee in seconds. And once you’re done, pop open the top, and the capsule slides on it’s own to the back of the machine into a right-side compartment that stores the disposable capsules until it’s filled and ready to be thrown out. I only wish they were recyclable!

“Despite a number of in-home offerings in the U.S., there is no system that delivers the quality and taste for which Nespresso is known, but in a large-cup offering,” said Nespresso USA president Frederic Levy, who echoed the company’s marketing in calling it a coffee “revolution”. “We see this as an incredible opportunity to pioneer an entirely new segment.”

I love my Keurig and it still holds a place on my countertop (and in our hearts) but there is obviously no comparison. Most of Nespresso’s at-home competitors, like Keurig, are largely designed to focus on brewed or drip large-cup coffees, and not espresso. And this is where it will appeal to many coffee-lovers that appreciate both coffee and espresso. 

Taking a sip of the perfect Nespresso Cup of Coffee takes me back to when I was sitting outside the Café de Flore in the 6th arr in Paris. Those Europeans surely know their coffee. 


Nespresso VertuoLine offers a choice of 8 freshly brewed Grands Crus. Highly aromatic and smooth, each of these gourmet blends is carefully balanced and roasted to deliver the ultimate quality coffee.

They also offer four authentic Espressos, with varying intensities and tastes, all with an underlying smoothness. I am not really an Espresso-Gal as I find it a tad strong for me, but I had the Voltesso and loved it! 

To learn more about their Coffees and Espresso and compare, check out this chart here.

As you can tell, I am absolutely loving my new Nespresso Vertuoline. This is a great machine for those that really grasp and long for good quality coffee and also enjoy the shot of espresso in the morning


The Nespresso VertuoLine machine is available in three colors (red, black and chrome) and retails for about $300 ($350 when bundled with the Aeroccino Plus milk frother). They are available for sale at Nespresso Flagship boutique stores as of March 1st, online at and at Home Outfitters

Experience a freshly-brewed coffee and espresso like never before and join The Nespresso Club bringing together coffee connoisseurs around a gourmet coffee lifestyle.

Cheers to good coffee!

Disclosure: I received a full product sample to complete a through review; however as always, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

25 Comments on It’s a Coffee Revolution with Nespresso Vertuoline {Review}

  1. Even the capsules look beautiful!! And although it is pricey, when I stop and calculate how much I spend at Starbucks, I would be better off buying this! Looks great!

  2. Love the style of it! But with the price point I don’t think one will be hanging out on my counter anytime soon but I would love to try the coffee it makes at some point!

  3. I’ve tried these in store, and have to say that the flavour is incredible! I just can’t spend the money on one!

  4. Wow, that looks lovely. I’ve been to Europe (some parts of it), and the coffee really is better there. So this looks like a step in the right direction.

  5. What was this post about again, I was mesmerized by the shiny-ness 😉 Seriously though, I’m like a Squirrel when it comes to shiny things! We drink a lot of coffee, maybe an expresso would help us drink less? Seriously cool machine 🙂

  6. This machine looks great. I have a Tassimo at home and I am looking for a replacement. The Tassimo gives me problems and coffee is not as good …. this looks like a step up! Thank you for the review!

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