Getting into shape has always been somewhat of a challenge for me throughout the years.  I’ve gone on many different diets and tried numerous workouts but no matter how hard I tried, if I was not completely motivated or loving what I was doing, there was no way I was going to succeed with it.  And I’m sure I’m not alone on this, am I right?

Far too often, people all over the world, especially moms trying to lose those last 10 pounds or the “baby bulge” find themselves defeated by the lack of follow-through in their workout regimens.  This is often because we can be so caught up on caring for our little ones among many other responsibilities that we tend to put our own personal goals (health and others) on the back burner.  I mean, how can we get a good workout in if we can’t even find the time to go to the washroom undisturbed?
Even if we do start to exercise, our bodies just will never be the same… or so we think.

Yes, we undergo a huge body change during pregnancy (and especially if you have undergone a c-section — I’ve had two!), but according to Jillian, we can reverse the many changes our body has gone through and get back the bodies we had (or are aiming for!), it just takes a little more TLC.

Gaiam and America’s number one fitness trainer, Jillian Michaels have teamed up to release a fitness DVD specifically for new moms.
Hot Body, Healthy Mommy has workouts geared to help moms get their body back by demonstrating how to regain strength, flexibility, and shape after the changes the body endures during pregnancy and the physical exhaustion of labour. The 65-minute DVD offers modifications for each workout, including those specifically for moms who had C-sections. Hot Body, Healthy Mommy is available in Canada as of March 1, 2016 via

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Michaels is best known for her appearances on NBC’s The Biggest Loser and Losing It with Jillian. Throughout her career, she has created over 15 workout DVDs, including best sellers, Ripped in 30Killer Arms & Back, and Beginner Shred. In addition to her DVDs, Michaels has also authored multiple books on health and wellness topics. Several of these books, including Master Your Metabolism and Unlimited, have made the New York Times Best Seller List.

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Loving the modified workouts in this DVD.  I have incorporated it into my workout regime and found a few other great tips that have worked tremendously for me:

1) Put it on your calendar!  

Schedule a time every day reserved for your workout time.  I find this works wonders since I’m so type-A and rely heavily on my calendar and lists.  Having that reserved time in my schedule encourages and reminds me to dedicate that time to get moving!

2) See your results!

I have a FitBit Charge HR which I started wearing more often to help me track my steps (to monitor my all day calorie burn and maintain my workout intensity.  It has helped me because I find myself trying to not only maintain but BEAT my daily steps taken.  It’s a nice little boost to see how many calories I’ve burned just by moving.  

3) Workout and Include Your Baby/Kids!

Kids love mimicking their moms and dads and what better way to encourage them to stay fit and healthy for their little bodies than by exercising with them?

There are a ton of great exercises new moms can do with their babies in tow (search YouTube – they have lots!) and even simply taking little jogs or walks with the family every day is a nice stepping stone towards better health and fitness.  

Let’s not forget how amazing our kids are at cheerleading!  “Go mommy, go!”  Or how honest they can be too. “Mommy, aren’t you suppose to be exercising right now instead of watching Netflix?” 

4) Create A Dedicated Workout Space in Your Home

Too often we make up every excuse in the book not to hit the local gym, but having one in your home means you can’t escape (muahahahahaha! *suppose to be an evil laugh*)

Not all of us can afford expensive workout machines nor have the space in their home to have a private gym, but any place can be a workout space.  Even a chair can be a great workout tool — you’ll be surprised how much you can do with a chair.  

Don’t forget to utilize an often forgotten gem, your DVD player.  There are SO many great workout DVD’s now that really work wonders.  The new Jillian Michaels Hot Body, Healthy Mommy DVD just may be what you need to really get going on your fitness journey!

5) Have a Workout Plan

Once you’ve penciled in your workout, don’t forget to think about what you’ll actually do once you get to the gym. Gia Alvarez of Run Gia Run and mom of twins says, “It’s one thing to find the motivation to work out. It’s another thing to find the motivation to figure out what to do for a workout. If I know beforehand exactly what I plan to do, I make it happen.”

6) Build Your Support Crew

It’s always a good idea to have other likeminded moms around you to help push you to your best.  We need the encouragement and understanding from others outside of our immediate family members.  Another great idea, if you’re brave and comfortable enough to do it, is to  share your health and fitness journey on social media (Instagram is a great platform for this!) It really helps to have others hold you accountable.  

There are also some great mommy groups locally that you can join or go for a stroller run with.  Check Facebook for some local group pages or Kijiji.  And if you can’t find one near you, start one up! 

These are just a few tips to get you started.  Do you have any workout tips you’d like to share with us?  Share them below!  I’d love to hear them.

Disclosure: This is a review post in collaboration with Gaiam Canada.  Sample Product/s and/or compensation were provided; however, all opinions expressed are those of the author.

11 Comments on Jillian Michaels Latest Hot Body, Healthy Mommy DVD + Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

  1. greet tips. it always helps to have multiple people on board, especially when you just aren’t feeling the urge to work out often enough

  2. I love Jillian Michaels DVD’s. I have a few and they are awesome! My tip is even if you only have 10 minutes to do some exercise or weight lifting do it. Anything is better than nothing.

  3. I really need to start to get up and move more, it’s not healthy not moving, it’s just a little hard for me having severe arthritis, but it can be done!! Jillian Michaels scares she is so tiny but man is she rough but she gets you going!!

    • She certainly is a great motivator! I understand Lynda – my husband as RA and it has lowered his extreme workout routines to more minimal cardio and lifting. As long as you take it easy but get sweating, every bit counts.

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