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Moms know that a loyal support system, trusted advice from experienced parents and brands that understand and know babies are extremely advantageous for the first years in our parenting journey.

I still remember my first year with a new baby — as much as it was amazing, it was also hard. I just had so many questions!
What made it quite difficult for me as well when purchasing products, no matter how many times they’ve been recommended, you start to realize that our babies are all very unique in their own beautiful way.
One product that may amazing to one other parent, may not be what my baby takes to.
It’s all about experimentation and trial and error.
But who has time for that among all the other things our our plate, moms?

Playtex is one of the first brands I have come across the truly understands how different babies can be.
They keep this in mind when developing products to suit each and every individual parents’ (and most importantly baby’s) needs.
I recently talked about my personal and emotional journey from breast to bottle and my honest experience using Playtex® bottles in the past for my babies.
We spent countless of dollars trying to find the right bottle and nipple that our baby would love. This is why I was so thrilled to hear that Playtex® launched their new Nipple Innovations!
The Playtex® Nipple Variety Pack is a new and revolutionary addition to the Playtex® Infant Feeding line. I wish we had this when both my children were babies! Think of all the money and time I would have saved!

Let’s Twarty!

Playtex® is celebrating their newest bottle and nipple innovations with a very special Twitter party and you won’t want to miss it! On April 24 at 9pm EST, join myself and some of the other Playtex Mom Trust moms to chat about all the things that make your little ones unique at the #PlaytexKnowsBabies Twitter party! And Playtex Mommyville’s resident RN Cindy Zizek will be at the party as a special guest to help answer your questions too!

Date: April 24, 2014
Time: 9pm – 10pm EST
Twitter Party Hashtag: #PlaytexKnowsBabies
Host: @MommyKatandKids
Co-Hosts: @SimplyStacieNet @JustUsGirls_@MilkandCocoMama@CarolauCourant
Sponsor: @PlaytexInfant
Special Guest: @C_Zizek

There’s amazing prizes too!

You can win one of six $100 Playtex prize packs or a chance at a $250 grand prize! Wow! Don’t miss out!

Please note that prizes are available to Canadian residents only, but everyone is invited to join the conversation at #PlaytexKnowsBabies!
Make sure to RSVP below and mark your calendar!

I look forward to chatting, sharing tips and having some fun! See you there!

4 Comments on Join us for a #PlaytexKnowsBabies Twitter Party!

  1. I love Playtex, that is all I used with my girls when they were babies, and I love all the new products that they have now, almost wants me to have another baby…lol

  2. Playtex makes amazing baby products. I love how they are coming out with new bottles and nipples. Looks like it’ll be a great twarty!

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