This summer we are getting outdoors more often and especially doing a lot of family travel. Moms know that this calls for plenty of preparation, ensuring nothing is left behind and everything is accounted for, especially when you have babies or toddlers.  They quite often take more advanced prep when traveling just about anywhere and that includes one of the most important must-haves – their milk/bottles!

My son has weened away from the bottle but often has one for bed and of course, he still loves his milk!  My daughter is old enough but cold beverages are an absolute must in the hot weather.  The challenge I find when traveling if I’m not lugging around a large cooler, is keeping milk/drinks cool.  One of my favourite Playtex™ products definitely is their SmartCool On-The-Go Bottle Tote.  I use it for just about anything I need to keep cool when on a quickie road trip or travel.  

IMG_3739 IMG_3747

The insulated tote can hold up to three bottles and offers deep pockets for extra storage and organization. This tote is a must-have for a busy mom-on-the go. Can you believe liquids stay below 56F for more than 14 hours per Playtex test protocol? Awesome!

Plus it’s pretty chic looking too in all-black with silver chains — which means you’re not limited to using it just for babies.  It can be used throughout the years! For working moms, it can even be used to carry your lunch! 

Features include:

  • 2-in-1 Insulated Bottle Tote cools up to 14 hours*
  • Holds up to 3 standard bottles or 2 Sippy Cups
  • Features a mini-pod for storing extra pacifiers or nipples
  • 2 Full size removable Freezer packs
  • Easy to clean – just wipe down with damp cloth.
  • BPA Free

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I use it predominantly for short road trips or when we’re out on the town outdoors.  I can throw in a sippy cup with milk, a juice box or two and even keep my yogurt cool! Cool storage for more than just milk! 

I found this tote especially helpful when we do overnight stays in the city and our hotel has no fridge (usually they don’t have fridges unless you upgrade your suite).  Keeps milk cool without worry. 

To learn more about Playtex™ SmartCool On-The-Go Bottle Tote and more innovative Playtex™ products, visit them at

6 comments on “Keeping Cool with Playtex™ SmartCool On-The-Go Bottle Tote”

  1. This is a great tote, would be great for outings with kids, very stylish, more uses than just for bottles that is for sure.

  2. That’s such a wonderful idea! The tote is stylish and practical, you would never have known that it could be capable of keeping bottles and other items cool.

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