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Circa 1985 – 2 1/2 year old Carol & Mom

Dear Mom,
I’m sorry for not being the perfect daughter (even though you always tell me I am).
I’m sorry for sometimes not taking your advice and thinking I know better than you despite the fact that you have way more experience than I do in many things.
Thank you for accepting me and my flaws and being a source of encouragement and strength all my years on this earth.
Thank you for sticking by my side and remaining the loyal mother (and friend) that you have always been and continue to be, especially during the times when I feel like the entire world is against me.
Thank you for being my conscience; my inner voice reminding me to stay humble, be kind and to always remember where I came from. You’re one of the few people in this world that truly understand me and know who I really am without judgement.
Most importantly, thank you for loving me more than I deserve.
I don’t say it enough, but I love and appreciate you immensely, more than words can ever describe.
You are what makes me the mother that I am and strive to become.
Happy Mother’s Day.

Okay, excuse me while I grab a tissue and take a few deep breaths.

Ironically, despite the fact that I can be a very emotional and sensitive person, I’m not very good at public displays of affection. In fact, I cringe at it.
Unfortunately, because of that, I sometimes can’t show or tell the people in my life that matter the most and do the most for me, especially my parents, notably my mom, how much they mean to me with overt sentiment.
That’s just who I am. But it doesn’t change at all the devotion and respect I have for them.

This is why I really love to show my affection with letters and gifts as an act of gratitude and appreciation. It’s how I express myself to those I care about.
And those that know and love me, totally understand and know where my heart is at.

Most of us (myself included) don’t tell our moms how important she is as much as we should. But the truth is, she can never hear it enough.
So, Lands’ End is giving you the chance to do just that with their #DearMom Contest.


Show Mom How Much You Care 

April 11 through May 6th share your Mother’s Day message, photo or video on Instagram and/or Twitter using #dearmom, #contest and #mylandsend for a daily chance to win a $100 Lands’ End Gift Card.
Each day, @LandsEndPR will post a unique prompt or question asking for a specific message, or photo, or video to be posted for a chance to win

Spend Quality Time with Mom 

Enter for a chance to win a five-day, trip for you and your mom, to the luxurious Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach hotel. Simply fill out the form at landsend.com/dearmom through May 4th.


As you already know, cooking and food is a substantial part of my home.  It’s not only a passion and joy of mine handed down from my mom and grandmothers but it was instilled in me from day 1 that “Cooking is like love: It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” (Harriet van Horne)

“Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly.” ― M.F.K. Fisher

What’s on the menu for mom this Mother’s Day?

Give mom a much-deserved break this Mother’s Day (or any day of the week!) with these yummy mom-approved favourites:

Warm her tummy and heart with an Indian Style Seafood Bouillabaisse

Impress the Best for Dinner with this delicious Garlic Gnocchi with Bacon, Spinach and Gouda Cream Sauce

Give her a healthy dose of delicious with this Tofu and Soba Noodle Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce

Satisfy her sweet tooth for brunch with this decadent Chocolate Banana Cinnamon French Toast


What’s on the menu for your mom this Mother’s Day? 
Tell us by tweeting on Twitter or posting Instagram (with a photo of your dish and/or Mom would be even better!) for a chance to win a $100 Lands’ End GC & be sure to tag #DearMom, #Contest, #MyLandsEnd.

You can also tag me @CarolAuCourant on Twitter, @CaresGomez on Instagram, Lands’ End @LandsEndPR and @LandsEnd on twitter and @LandsEnd on Instagram with your share.

A winner will be selected and announced from @LandsEndPR on Twitter at the end of the day.  Good luck and a lovely Mother’s Day celebration to all!

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  1. thanks for letting me know about the Landsend contest. i will totally check that out. and love the look of the Garlic Gnocchi recipe. looks delicious

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