I came across the most adorable invitations and thought I’d share with everyone.
They’re called Lemonhead Invites. Why? Because they come with those tasty and bright yellow lemonhead candies! Who wouldn’t want to receive an invite with a tasty treat? I know I would!
I love the idea of invitations in 3D aspect especially in these boxes. How unique!
These are so simple and cost-effective.
Just buy lemonhead’s in bulk (Bulk Barn (if they have any) or http://www.ferrarapan.com/)
Then purchase some similar boxes at Michael’s (http://www.michaels.com) or Creative Bag (http://www.creativebag.com/), either create and print your own invites or have them specially made and wrap them with yellow ribbon. The labels can be printed on your inkjet printer and then round the corners.
A creative and also sweet invite that your potential guests will surely not forget.

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