1. (in a Japanese restaurant) a meal consisting of dishes selected by the chef.
    “we had the five-course omakase” 

In Japanese, literally ‘respectfully leaving another to decide what is best.’

Image courtesy of Yutaka Japanese Cuisine

Recently, we had the most lovely and special dining experience at Yutaka Japanese Cuisine Restaurant thanks to the amazing special offered exclusively through LifeExperiences.ca in partnership with Pass The Table, a mobile app that connects diners with unique culinary experience.

You’ve probably already read of my pleasant life experience at Elmwood Spa and my adoration for this fantastic service, which allows you to choose from an array of featured experiences like romantic getaways, spa treatments, Indy Formula racing, dining experiences and much, much more with just a few clicks.  Great to gift just about anyone special in your life that deserves a wonderful experience (even yourself!).

The Omakase Sushi For Two Life Experience includes a personal dine-in service where the amazing chefs at Yutaka Japanese Cuisine will treat you to an omakase sushi experience like non other, complete with a bottle of great sake.

This LifeExperiences Package Includes:

  • 10-20 one of a kind dishes
  • Bottle of sake
  • Experience for 2 

Nestled at the corner of Dundas St. West and Chestnut, you’ll find Yutaka, Japanese owned and operated (including their staff).  Offering a minimalist modern Japanese interior with wood paneling, intimate and non-ostentatious atmosphere and extremely friendly and attentive service.
Upon arrival, it was a refreshing and quick welcome and nice to see the staff wearing nice Hakama’s.  They were very quick to accommodate and I found very knowledgeable with every dish on the menu.


After being seated, we were welcomed by a waitress that explained how the omakase experience will work, and also provided menus for us should we require more and to order for our daughter (who joined us).  Their staff are so pleasant and well-mannered (exemplary of Japanese culture) and I was very appreciative of how fantastic they were dealing with my daughter.  She loved the service so much she even said it was one of the best restaurants she’s ever been in (and that’s a huge compliment coming from my seven year old!).  

We were presented with the sake and poured out first shot to warm us up before our omakase experience commenced.

Looking around, I found Yutaka a great spot for date nights or family dinners as it’s spacious with some banquet seating, small booths and sushi counter dining to experience the chefs, Osamu Fukushige and Michi Tanaka, at work.  It was intimate and dim (in the evenings) which added to the atmosphere, just truly a lulling and tranquil ambiance.

Our dishes came at the perfect time, one after the other, our server steadily and warmly explaining what each dish was after placing before us.

To start, we had a Yutaka Oyster Shooter.  The shooter included uni (sea urchin),  tobiko (flying fish roe), quail egg and ponzu (a tart citrus-based dark sauce commonly used in Japanese cuisine) — the pairing so strikingly perfect together.


Following this, we had Lobster Isobeyaki which is half a lobster and vegetables, cooked together in shell with a white miso, spice and fish dashi blend to produce isobeyaki.


Following were plates of high-quality cut and super fresh sashimi, plated so skillfully and graciously – art for your eyes and palate.

IMG_6877 IMG_6878

Oh my goodness.  This was my favourite plate as the fish was just so delicate and lush, almost melting in your mouth.  You can taste the quality in their cuts, there’s no doubt about that.  The Sea Bream was my favourite.  I am getting extremely hungry looking and thinking about this plate right now.  By the way, those tiny little round things on a stick are little potatoes – nutty and tasty!

Next was a Chef Special of minced meat enveloping a perfectly soft-boiled egg with crunchy thin crust topped with tangy sauce on top of a bed of shredded lettuce and peppers all shaped in the form of an egg.  It was a treat for our taste-buds! 

IMG_6881 IMG_6882

After this we had another plate of sushi which included beef tataki (lightly seared beef) and then a dessert which was green tea Crème brûlée, which I was delighted to receive as I was eyeing that on their menu and planning to order anyway.  

The green tea Crème brûlée was made perfectly.  I could have had two!  Our daughter was never left out as she enjoyed a nice bowl of Tonkatsu Ramen (which was wonderful), finishing off with a scoop of green tea and red bean ice cream topped with a brown sugar and sesame seed crunch.  It was yummy!  It was also her first time having red bean ice cream and although apprehensive at first, she fell in love!  It’s now her most requested ice cream flavour.  




Overall it was such a wonderful feast experience, one of which opened our eyes and palates to new discoveries we otherwise would never have ordered on our own but thankfully had the chance to.  I couldn’t recommend this Omakase Sushi for Two experience more with LifeExperiences.ca at Yutaka.  

Learn more about this amazing offer and LifeExperiences.ca here.

Disclosure:  As part of the review process, CAC received this experience gratuitously; however, all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author.

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  1. Thank you fir sharing this experience with us. I would live to dine at this restaurant and I’ll definitely check out the app. I’m so excited to see what experiences I can sign up for. 🙂

  2. I would love to go there the next time I am visiting. Lover the use of color in the food and what a stunning environment.

  3. Thanks for reminding me about this website! I got to save it to my favourites. =) The pictures you took are amazing and mouthwatering…

  4. Wow, is there anything else one can say? This looks like the perfect date night.
    “Chef Special of minced meat enveloping a perfectly soft-boiled egg with crunchy thin crust topped with tangy sauce “. This is a Scotch egg, no?

  5. oh wow! this is my kind of food. Thanks for the review, now I’ll have to grab my friend and go check it out some time!

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