Spring is just around the corner and that means we’re waving buh-bye to the Winter Wardrobe and Hello to our sandals and shorts very soon! Hopefully.

If you’re like me, the colder weather tends to be a time when I allow my skin to hibernate a little, in more ways than one.
Shaving is not usually on my top priority list during a bath only unless I know I’m headed out and will be showing some leg. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

Another nuisance can be the whole shaving routine. I’m a busy lady! My baths/showers are usually very long but with the kids around, I’ve learned to master the art of quick yet efficient baths.
Now that the legs will be exposed more often this coming season, I will need to think of quicker ways to shave without the added time.

Say hello to the Schick® Intuition® Pure Nourishment™ Razor!
Stocking up on store shelves this month, this new razor gets the job done in half the time!

Made for dry skin (another issue I have), the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor lathers, shaves and moisturizes during shaving—all in one easy step, with no need for shave gel, soap or body wash. 

Infused with coconut milk and almond oil, the Pure Nourishment Skin Conditioning Solid™ leaves dry skin feeling noticeably soft, and its four blades and pivoting head follow your contours for a close shave.  

Four blades and pivoting head follow your contours for a close shave.

I love the smell of Coconut and Almond!
The moment I opened my Schick Razor Package, I could smell it. Amazing!
 Coconut milk and almond oil have long been lauded for their skin-benefiting qualities. 

Here is what’s included in each package.

The Razor, an extra blade and a Razor holder that you can stick onto our shower wall.

I would not, however, recommend you do this unless you can get it to stick very well as I found mine kept falling because the razor is quite heavy and the walls can get wet easily.

The new Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor and refills will be available starting in February 2013 at grocery, drug and mass retail outlets across Canada for approximately $11.99. 

The first 25 to email me at info@carolaucourant.com with the subject line “Schick Intuition Razor Review” will be sent over one to try for themselves!
Plus for reviewing and providing your honest review to me, you will be entered to win a $50 Visa Gift Card.

Legal Line:
Schick® will use your personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy and as detailed in applicable contest rules.

Thanks for you interest! 

**Disclaimer: As part of participation of a product campaign with Schick, I have received samples and compensation; however the opinions expressed are my very own.

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