Just picture yourself cruising in a stylish and comfortable ride, complete with 3-position reclining seat that’s adjustable with a flip of a switch including a soft seat cover for comfort.  An ultra cool red & grey unisex sleek design with a roomy little trunk for your belongings and a space for your drinks and snacks on the go.  Top down, shades on, sun and wind in your hair… total chick magnet.  “Are you sure you don’t have to go the potty yet, sweetie?” *POP*

Nothing kills your coolness vibe than your mother hollering at you about the potty.  BUT, riding in comforting style in your new Little Tikes™ 5-in-1 Ride & Relax® Trike is certain to bring your toddler neighbourhood celebrity status from a 1 to a 10 in no time.

IMG_2765 copyIMG_3256 copyWe love our new little “ride” in this house.  Even with an older preschooler, I found my son to really enjoy being able to control his new wheels on his own.  When I remove the push bar for Stage 5-Trike, he’s able to steer on his own with absolutely no supervision at all.  What’s great about this 5-in-1 is how it grows with each developmental stage your child goes through.  

From parents pushing, to toddlers learning to pedal, to them starting to steer, and then going on their own, this trike keeps pace with your active, growing child.

  • At Stage 1-Recline (9+ months), parents have 3 positions to recline their tired tikes for a safe, comfortable ride.
  • Stage 2-Stroll (9+ months): Parents to push and control-When the foot platform is installed, the child will be unable to reach the pedals.
  • Stage 3-Pedal (18+ months): Toddlers can learn how to pedal, child is unable to turn the wheel.
  • Stage 4-Learn (24+ months) Remove the waist bar, child can now steer while parent still has control with the push bar.
  • Stage 5-Trike (30+ months) Remove the push bar to let kids go on their own with parent supervision.

Little-Tikes-Ride-Relax-5-in-1I found even with a 3 year old, Stage 4 was super helpful during the times we are in a crowded spot and need to be able to still have control over the wheels.  Toddlers past 24+ months tend to be quite hasty when they have that much control so it’s a peace of mind, especially when crossing busy roads.  I did notice with this stage, however, that if you’ve got a pretty strong toddler (like I do!), it’s difficult to take full control over the steering when turning, etc. when your child is excitedly turning an opposite direction.  So you may just want to keep that in mind as it may cause random delays mid cross-walk (yes, this has happened to us!).

I really like the full shade canopy (which can also easily be removed) which protects my sons head from all angles.  He has even fallen asleep on the trike a few times during long walks which shows how comfortable it is.  And when going over bumps, even higher ones, while strolling was a breeze which I LOVED!  The only major con I experienced with this was putting it together — it took a bit longer than anticipated.

Overall, I think this is a wonderful 5-in-1 trike perfect for your growing little one!

The Little Tikes™ 5-in-1 Ride & Relax® Trike retails for $169.99 at Toys ‘R’ Us.


And guess what?  Courtesy of our friends at MGA Entertainment, one of my readers has a chance to win a Little Tikes™ 5-in-1 Ride & Relax® Trike of their own!  That’s not all, as mentioned in all my MGA Entertainment Toy Box Reviews over the past few months, you’ll also win every single toy we reviewed including: a toy from the NumNom’s collection, Mini Lalaloopsy™ toy, a Project Mc2 Doll, and the Little Tikes™ 5-in-1 Ride & Relax® Trike – an over $200 value!

To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me which of the MGA Entertainment Toys we reviewed you think your child/ren would love most and why!

Contest is open to Canadian residents (excl. QC) only.  Ends July 25, 2016.  

Good luck!

MGA Big Toy Box Giveaway


Disclosure: This is a sponsored review post in collaboration with MGA Entertainment. Products and/or compensation was provided; however as always, all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author.

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