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The first day (or week of school, rather) can be challenging for many students.  This is especially true for tween’s and teen’s, particularly those that are new to a school.  You don’t know anyone, you’re trying to navigate through the new halls without getting lost, you’re hoping your teacher likes you and you like them, you’re growing into yourself fast & furiously and learning to discover who you are as a person.  The tween years are thrilling yet trying at the same time.

This is why it’s so important that I instil the value and importance of self-expression and humble confidence in my children from a young age.  As they progress into these tween years, they will need to learn that being yourself and loving yourself is essential and it aids in building the groundwork in learning to love and be compassionate towards others and their own characters.IMG_7205

One thing I’ve learned as I grew up is that when you feel confident in how you look, you also feel good on the inside as well.  Materialism and vanity aside, this rings true for most.  I don’t know about you but when I find an amazing pair of jeans (which is a serious challenge for me these days), I can’t help but feel amazing when I wear them.  Seriously, give me a good pair of jeans, a great pair of shoes and a nice lipstick and I’m ready to take on the world!  Well, after coffee, of course.  The morale of this story is really all about self-confidence, no matter how you get it — you need it.  And your children need it.

Justice is a clothing brand that I have admired from the sidelines for a few years after becoming a parent.  Because my daughter was too young to rock their gear before, I would just casually browse their inventory some days revelling in the trendy and cute fashion and accessories they offered.  Now that I have my own little “pre-tween”, both of us just love shopping here!  I was surprised she knew about Justice even before I shared it with her. 

What sold me most on Justice aside from their swanky offerings is their mission behind the brand.  They are an exclusive retailer for tween girls (aged 7-14), and are committed to help them build the confidence to be who they want to be – inspiring them to #LiveJustice.  

Whenever I hear the word Justice, I think of equity, fairness, integrity, truth.  Truth in oneself.  There are a lot of clothing retailers out there but rarely do I come across one that is geared towards tween’s which is so fantastic given how delicate this growth stage is for young girls (and boys!).  Having said that, I would love to see Justice eventually incorporate a boys line!  

They have everything from jeans to pyjamas to backpacks to shoes.  Plus tons of back-to-school items like cool pencils and notepads.  My daughter especially loves their accessories! And often what you will find here is the unique styles to cater to different personalities and preferences.  Whether you’ve got a sporty girl, a music lover, an artist or a fashionista, Justice has you covered!  

Being a tween girl, you also go through a special time when puberty hits and your body starts to change.  This is important to mention because that is life and your child going through this will require garments that cater to that.  They have a large variety of undergarments in different styles for that particular stage in your tween girls journey through adolescence. Probably the largest amount I’ve seen anywhere else.  

Their prices are fair with some pieces going up a bit higher which makes sense given their quality.  They have great deals often and a really vast selection — I noticed how much they have evolved over the years!  Also a tip: don’t forget to sign up for email notices!  They often tell you when they’re having special BOGO sales and discounts.  

My daughter, niece and I recently visited our local Justice at Stone Road Mall in Guelph to gear up for Back-to-School and had a blast!  The only thing I would really appreciate is if they offered a little bag or hand basket to store our items as we shop… and boy did we shop! 🙂

My daughter loved everything and I’m very pleased that I was able to have her find items that both of us approve of and love.  Check out one of her favourite outfits for school she curated herself with a few pieces we picked up from our shopping trip at Justice!  


To learn more about Justice, visit them online at to find a location closest to you.

So how was your tween’s first day of school?  Share with me and let me know what type of style your tween is currently into and how they #LiveJustice

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Justice for back to school.  Compensation was provided; however, all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author.

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  1. My 2 oldest granddaughters love to #LiveJustice. The older is very trendy and fashionable and likes dressing in things like dresses and short jean jackets with boots. Her sister who is 2 years younger likes their sporty styles. She is most comfortable in a t-shirt,leggings,and sneakers.

  2. My oldest is 13 and hates all things about Justice but my 8 year old loves everything in there, especially their gymnastics gear!

  3. This looks like a great place to go for clothing, I love the last picture, well I love the boots pictured I can picture my granddaughter wearing something like those!

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