This mama couldn’t be more thrilled for Netflix’s newest Original series, Llama Llama.
Based on a beloved children’s book character (and also happens to be a favourite of my son), the series springs to life this heartwarming animated series about family, friendship and new adventures.

With a five year old, life is certainly always interesting. He’s growing everyday and discovering the world around him. He transitioned this school year to full-time kindergarten for the first time and it’s amazing how much he’s blossomed since. Each day, we are still working together at home (and at school) to instil healthy and smart habits and tools to make him the best he can be.

I really appreciate the episodes in this show as they cover so many topics that we sometimes struggle with with our little ones. For example how to navigate around common situations that can pose challenging for children like when they’re sick at cannot go to school despite how badly they want to, friendships and sharing, every day safety, sleeping well through the night and routine schedules — all in a fun and engaging way with Llama Llama and his mama (voiced by Jennifer Garner).

Mama cheers for Llama Llama!

Got older children?

If they’re ready to transition into the new year to a little more spook, let them try A Series of Unfortunate Events first. The dark comedy series following the ill-fated Baudelaire siblings returns on March 30 for a second suspense-filled season with Neil Patrick Harris reprising his role as the cunning Count Olaf. 

Or perhaps a little feel-good comedy?  Look no further than the Alvarez family of One Day at a Time. While do-it-all single mom Penelope keeps her family going, it’s the fresh perspectives of her children Elena and Alex that make the show relevant in today’s cultural landscape. The series returns with season 2 on January 26.

Maybe they’re into some mystery and teen drama? Okay, nobody likes teen drama but I”m sure Greenhouse Academy,  a family-friendly lively and fun suspenseful drama series for tweens/teens, may be just up their ally.
Set in an elite boarding school in Southern California called “The Greenhouse”, students are divided into two rival houses that must join forces to conquer challenges when an evil plot is uncovered.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Netflix Canada; however, all opinions are entirely those of the author.

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  1. Llamas are one of my favourite animals so your headline caught my attention. This sounds likes a wonderful and cute show. I’m going to look for it on Netflix and check it out with my little guy.

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