If there’s one thing I need to get back pre-baby, well aside from being able to fit into my old jeans or taking a quiet, uninterrupted shower, is my counter space.
My kitchen is important to me as I do a lot of cooking and baking and I don’t have the most counter space as it is, so I’d very much appreciate having as much space as possible.
Playtex® understood that and created their Playtex® Smart™ Product Line to help bring back the space! I’m pretty sure the creator of this product line-up is a Parent.

I’ve got a gazillion baby products that tend to either be used once, a few times, often or not at all.
With a bottle-fed baby that is now also eating solids, my counter space is slowly becoming more and more limited.
One product from the Playtex® Smart™ Product Line that I am finding extremely useful is their Drying Rack.

The new Playtex® SmartSpace Drying Rack, is designed to save time and space with its vertical climbing wall and absorbent machine wash drying mat. 
It holds bottles, nipples, sippy cups, valves, straws, pacifiers and even the bottle brush. Aside from the obvious features, the one feature that I love most, next to the fact that it saves me space, that I did not have with my other drying racks was the absorbent microfiber drying mat at the bottom of the rack.
Why haven’t all drying rack creators thought of this?
I use to have to put paper towel after paper towel or small dish towels underneath my drying rack to catch all the water that falls. Usually what happens is added work for me and a lot of wasted paper towel.

It was easy to assemble (even for someone like me that gets frustrated easily with zero patience for building) and put to use right away. You can even add or remove any pegs, shelves or caddies you don’t need and instead of using both rack bases, you can even just use one. Functional Design!
It’s also dishwasher safe.
Being a 2nd-time Mother of a baby, this product is really advantageous and wish I had this for my first.
The Playtex® SmartSpace Drying Rack is available at all major retailers and pharmacies across Canada for a suggested retail price of $20.

All Moms (and Dads that do dishes!) will really appreciate this product from Playtex®.

Enter below via rafflecopter to win a Playtex® SmartSpace Drying Rack {ARV $20} of your own.

*Open to Canadian Residents only.
Contest ends April 28, 2013.

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