In fairy tales, the magic wand is often used to grant wishes and make dreams come true.  In reality, we all wish we could twirl an extraordinary wand and poof! — magic.
What if I told you that you do have a magic wand (perhaps, more than one!) and that you have the power to help grant a wish and make positive changes in the lives of those in need?  

Helping our small wildlife — one (magical) mascara wand at a time

Photo credit: Trevor Brine/CBC

Prepare yourselves for a cuteness overload, because with a little help from our old mascara wands, we can help care for baby animals in need.  

I am sure you have a few old mascara tubes lying around; now there is a brilliant way to repurpose those mascara wands for good.  

With the wave of a repurposed mascara wand, volunteers at a animal rescue centres across the country are helping small wildlife like ducklings, squirrels, bunnies and baby birds get off to a cleaner start.  These tiny, extra gentle brushes are just the right size for soothing our little furry and feathered friends wile removing fleas, larva and flea eggs.

Photo credit: New Arc Animal Rescue Centre, BBC News

Inspired by a similar initiative in the U.S., Kim Vey, a long-standing TELUS employee, was so touched by how this simple solution could help wildlife that she committed herself and some colleagues to collect and distribute more than 500 mascara wands to rescue organizations across Canada.

Wave those magic wands!

I’ve rounded up my mascara wands (plus bought a few more wands!) and getting ready to mail them out today.  

Want to join me and help Kim and some cute animals?  Simply drop off or mail your mascara wands at:
Attn: Kim Vey
320 Bayfield St., Ste.201
Barrie, ON L4M 3C0

Kim is one of 36,000 employees taking part in TELUS Days of Giving across Canada, an annual volunteer movement that inspires people to collectively make a positive difference in local communities.

I truly hope you’ll take the time to send those old wands (or wave those magic wands) today for our most vulnerable little friends.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post as a Telus_Partner; however, all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author.

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