Waking up in the morning, one of the first things I see before I start my day (aside from my Keurig) is my Master Bathroom.
Walking into the white room of bore up above, a zombie mom with zero caffeine in her system is bound to fall even more tired, wouldn’t you agree?
I’m sure you already know about my small projects #CACBathroomDIY in collaboration with the wonderful folks at The Home Depot (Check out my Powder Room Reveal here!).

We started in August (began to receive the supplies end of July) and even in between our hectic day-to-day this summer, was able to complete all these small projects in a very short time.
I would never have known it was that easy to do prior to tackling this DIY project because as you may have already read: I was not the DIY-type of gal.

For our Master Bath, I wanted to transform it into a space that would create not only warmth but vitality. Positive and bright energy with a touch of elegance.
Our Master bath is the first thing we walk into upon waking in the morning and getting prepped for the day ahead — it only makes sense that it’s a space that will give you that boost of vigor and happiness first thing in the day.

Aside from everything being white and boring in our master bath, there was just way too much congestion for the small space it already is.
There were also a couple of items in the bathroom that were situated in the wrong place.
On top of that, everything was outdated — the lights, the vanity, sink and faucets and even our shower head was showing major signs of wear and tear.

More boring white! And plastic!

It does not take much to completely revamp and convert any space in your home.
We did not change the tub, toilet or tiles on the floor and shower walls but WOW you will see what a big difference some DIY can do.

Paint is always an extremely important part of a space transformation.
Our old walls were a dingy grey and coupled with the white, did absolutely nothing but amplify the dreariness of the bathroom.
I love teal! It happens to be one of my favourite colours so when I saw the Teal Ice paint colour using my Behr Color Smart Mobile App, I knew it would be the perfect match for my Master Bath!

We love Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra 2-in-1 with Primer plus it’s mold-resistant which is perfect for bathrooms where it can get moist often.

The first things we changed while we allowed the paint to dry for a day were the items in the shower/bath.

What a difference just changing our caddy made! It looks much nicer and I have more storage for all our bath products. I even got a small separate corner caddy in chrome for all the kids bath stuff. Perfect!

The Delta Lahara In2ution Two-in-One Shower head was the one both my husband and I instantly agreed upon.
I love how it elegant and sleek it looks but most importantly, I really love the integrated shower head and hand shower! The separate hand held is so helpful when bathing the kids and also cleaning out the shower walls and bath tub. Learn more about the Delta Lahara In2uition Two-in-One Shower here.

The light fixtures and mirror were the first items we replaced. They were items that we selected to bring the touch of elegance we wanted in our master bath.
For the lights, I selected the ML Traditional Vanity Fixture in Brushed Nickel which went perfectly with the lovely Cosmopolitan Byzantium Mirror in Crystallized Silver.

The other two most important items that made a world of a difference in our master bath was of course the Master Bath Vanity and the Vanity Top/Sink.

Although online it looked much darker to me, I had to see it in person at our local Home Depot (which I highly recommend you do instead of relying on online photos alone when making purchases).
And once I did, I knew it was the perfect Master Bath Vanity!
I loved the dark chocolate colour of the Haven 36″ Vanity.
So much that I had to get the matching Haven Wall Cabinet.

You’ll notice it in the reflection of the mirror located on the opposite wall. That wall use to be empty and really was wasted space. Because there isn’t as much traffic in that part of the bathroom, I thought it was the perfect spot to place the wall cabinet.

Because of the darker brown of the Haven Vanity, I selected the Pegasus 37″ Granity Vanity Top with Bowl in Beige. A perfect match!

Reducing congestion and clutter in an already small space was crucial when picking items to replace the older ones in our master bath.
I knew that the wall cabinet hanging over the toilet had to be replaced. It was just overcrowding the space where the toilet, the bath and the vanity mirror met.
I know it’s a normal location for wall cabinets but I found a much better replacement!

Having the gorgeous, solid sculptural and functional Kohler Purist Towel Shelf over the toilet next to the shower was an absolute MUST for me.
I do hotel reviews often and one of the things I notice in many of the beautifully designed hotel bathrooms is the towel shelf.
Its design and functionality in that particular spot of the master bath worked perfectly — it just screams “Come in and take a nice warm bath! Oh and here’s a fluffy towel for you!”Β 
I love it!
Learn more about the Kohler Purist Towel Shelf here.

The final item that really brought on the “Oooh’s” and “Aaah’s” was the stunning Moen Banbury 2 Handle Wide Spread Bathroom Faucet in a Chrome Finish.
So refined and luxurious – such a beauty!
You can learn more about it here.

Once you’re done reveling in the allure of a faucet, check out this cool item that I consider a must-have in every bathroom.

The Zenith Sliding Vanity is perfect for hidden storage space in your vanity! Reducing visible clutter in an already small space is essential so this piece would be a great addition!

Our paper holder, towel ring and towel bar were all from Stockton in a Brushed Nickel finish.
You can check them out here.

All items featured in #CACBathroomDIY are available at The Home Depot.
Visit them at: http://www.homedepot.ca.

Without further ado, here is the After Reveal of our brand new Master Bathroom!

And here is the comparison.

What do you think?
I am loving our new Master Bath and I am very grateful to The Home Depot for working with me on this fantastic and refreshing DIY experience. They’ve made a DIY-er out of me!
I’m also thankful to my readers for following me on this #CACBathroomDIY journey and your support throughout. It was a lot of fun!

Now that summer is coming to a close and the cooler months are approaching with the kids back in school, wouldn’t you say it’s a good time for some DIY?

If you haven’t had a chance yet, please make sure to enter my Get Your DIY On contest for a $200 Home Depot Gift Card. There’s only a few days left!
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35 Comments on Master Bath Facelift DIY with The Home Depot: The Reveal!

  1. Such a pleasant change for you. It’s looks fabulous! I have such a small bathroom, and I would love to change it up especially the flooring and the bathtub/shower combo. WE just rent, so kinda hard to do anything to the larger permanent items, but I do change up the wall colors and the accessories in the room. So that does help now and then.

    • Thanks, Linda. I recently changed the paint colour to something more in the blue-grey family to work with the darker vanity. Definitely the paint and little accessories make the world of a difference in small spaces.

  2. Wow, it looks really nice. I’m working on my main bathroom. I painted it and even without any towel bars or any photos up on the walls it looks so much better than before I painted. Can’t wait to finish mine.

  3. This change looks great, love the colour! I love the towel shelves, we put one in our bathroom when we re-did it as well and putting the wall cabinet on the opposite wall was a great idea!

  4. That is BREATHTAKING! You put together things so well, and it’s great that The Home Depot was such a big help! Seriously, I’m amazed.

  5. Everything looks great together! Are you sure you weren’t an interior designer in another life? Love everything you selected and glad to know they can all be purchased at The Home Depot.

  6. A really fantastic transformation considering no major renos were done.
    Great job at putting it all together – it looks so good!
    Home Depot has always been our favourite place to buy things for the home. They’ve got some great stuff.

  7. That’s an AMAZING facelift! I LOVE your new Moen faucet and everything else you chose too!
    I like that you included the under cabinet storage. It’s more functional now, as well as gorgeous! great job! πŸ™‚

  8. WOW!! The bathroom looks beautiful. I really like the colour and choice of cabinet. The colour of the walls really brings out the rest of the fixtures in the bathroom. Amazing.

  9. I love it!
    You must share where you got your shower curtain and wall art too – very pretty!

    I love how you did everything.. that Kohler shelf is a nice inclusion. It opens up the space and it looks very boutique.
    Beautiful job!

  10. It looks amazing! I really love the women’s touch in it. πŸ™‚
    So fresh and uplifting just like you wanted. I also like the finishing touches you included too! Very pretty.

    I saw that Haven vanity online too and I didn’t think it looked that great until I saw your makeover! It’s beautiful!
    Everything you selected looks great!

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