A lot of my fondest childhood memories were outdoors in the warm summer months.  I remember my mom having to call me into the house multiple times because I was just having the greatest time.  Riding bikes around the crescent, baseball with the neighborhood kids, hop scotch and jump rope, Dodge Tag, hanging off monkey bars… what amazing summer childhood memories.

I admit it, I am a big kid when it comes to toys.  Both my husband and I tend to have to remind one another that we have to give the kids a chance to play with their toys sometimes because we just get too enthralled in play.  Who else can relate?  It’s hard not to be so enthusiastic and captivated by our children’s toys these days because of how entertaining they are!  I especially love everything from Mastermind Toys.  I can’t think of one thing they carry that does not pique the interest of every member of my family — they’ve got the greatest collection of toys! Toys that stimulate activity — both physically and mentally and are loads of fun!

This year, make it a Mastermind Summer with these hot toys which happen to my some of my family’s favourites! 

This one happens to be our ultimate favourite! Hours of endless, competitive fun!  We spent Father’s Day having a picnic complete with some batting.

Lazer Pitch Baseball™ [ARV $49.99] is a pitching machine that allows you to control the timing of each pitch! Just press the button on the bat and the ball shoots out of the pitching machine allowing the child to control the timing for each hit. Lazer Pitch Baseball shoots pitches up to 25 feet and features adjustable pitching angles that range from normal fast balls to softball lobs to 90 degree pop-ups for beginners. For kids who want to use their own bat, the machine has an “auto” mode that will shoot pitches every 8 seconds! For Ages 5 and Up.

IMG_4485 IMG_4489 IMG_4497 IMG_4508 IMG_4510 IMG_4524 IMG_4539


I loved how easy it is to put together and that you can control when the ball pitches and pitching angles.  Also a good thing that the balls are not hard so you don’t have to worry about them hitting anyone around you and causing any physical damage or pain.  This is a plus with kids!

We had so much fun with this and even attracted bystanders, allowing other kids to get in on the action.  One father even said he definitely needs to pick one up soon for the kids because they clearly love it!  It’s a summer favourite toy that I’m sure everyone will love!

Remember playing dodge tag at school and with your neighbourhood friends? I do! 

132447Winner of the Family Fun T.O.Y. Award, and Parent’s Magazine Best Toy Award, Dodge Tag™ [ARV $19.99] is the ultimate 2-player DodgeBall game! Each player wears an air mesh vest and picks 3 balls. Players throw the soft, safe balls and try to stick them to their opponent’s vests. Run, dodge and throw. If the ball sticks, it’s a hit! Kids will love this fast paced, action-packed game. Includes 2 adjustable air-mesh vests and 6 soft, safe dodgeballs.

image (1)

What’s summer without lakeside bonfires and s’mores? I’ve got the perfect item for your kids that’ll keep them safe from the fire and making perfectly roasted marshmallows and hot dogs!

How cool is the Fire Fishing Pole [$24.99] from Mastermind Toys?


The secret to a perfectly roasted marshmallow is here… the stainless steel Fire Fishing Pole hangs over the flames and lets you safely roast marshmallows or hot dogs. The secret is the special “jig” move that lets you flip your marshmallows for an even roasting!


Do you have a favourite summer outdoor activity you enjoy doing with your family?


Courtesy of Mastermind Toys, one of my readers will win all three of these HOT Summer Toys {Total Value of $95}.


Get snapping and share a picture of your favourite summer outdoor play activity on Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #MastermindSummer and you’re in the running to win! 

Look forward to seeing all your great pictures! Have a great summer!

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  1. I spending time outdoors! Our harsh, Nova Scotia doesn’t make outside play easy or enjoyable so we squeeze every bit of outdoor fun out of summer 🙂

  2. I love to run with my boys on the boardwalk at the beach and then stop at the park after the run for some fun!

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