Summer’s coming and school’s almost out so that means it’s time to think about all the Summer Fun that’s to come!
Whether it’s splish-splash fun, chasing a butterfly (kite!), cruising on some fun wheels or even some indoor fun with a super-secret spy mission game or popping bubbles in fits of giggles courtesy of a mini robot — Mastermind Toys has you covered!
No matter the age of your child, there’s certainly something that will tickle their play fancy, that includes you too mom and dad!

My family and I tested out a few of the lastest and hottest new Mastermind Toys for this Summer and wanted to share my Love It List with you in hopes you and your child will find something new to add to your summer must-have list!


1) Bunch O Balloons 100 Water Balloons with Hose Adapters

Bring your water balloon fights to the next level with Bunch O Balloons: the hose attachment with 37 pre-connected balloons that automatically tie themselves off once filled! This system makes it simple for kids to prepare tons of water balloons in no time at all!
Includes 100 pre-tied, pre-attached water balloons on 3 garden hose adapters.

2) Tropical Butterfly Kite – Medium

The Medium Tropical Butterfly Kite from Didakites is a 1-string kite with a 2 and 3 mm fiberglass frame, designed for winds between 0.5-5 bft (1.5-24 mph). A perfect choice for flyers of all ages and levels of experience! Handle and nylon kite line included.
Wingspan measures approximately 41″ across.

CAC Personal Review: My family and I loved this kite! It truly flutters like a real butterfly and even despite the lack of wind, it was still able to soar pretty high.  My husband is a kite-flying novice, so regardless of that, it was a huge success.  The Tropical Butterfly Kite is absolutely beautiful; I could stare at it floating in the sky for hours. We even got comments from others about how lovely the kite was.
Bonus: Chasing and flying a kite provides tons of great cardio exercise that you won’t even notice! Great for kids and adults! 🙂





3) Fubbles Bump ‘N’ Bubbles Robot Bubble Machine
This cute robot is a motorized, moving, continuous bubble-blower! As it travels across the floor and bumps into objects, it will spin and redirect as it blows bubbles everywhere!
Includes 4 fl oz of bubble solution.
Robot measures approximately 8″ in diameter.

CAC Personal Review: Fubbles is one adorable little bubble bot!  My toddler and six year old equally enjoy following Fubbles along as he/she cruises steadily along, popping bubbles and bursting into giggles when Fubbles bumps into things and very intuitively turns away and carries on.
I like that Fubbles blows a lot of bubbles instantaneously and quickly and is smartly designed to turn away from any obstructions.
We do enjoy our new little friend, but I did have a couple of issues with Fubbles:
1) Because of all the bubbles it blew, it would wet the robot fairly quickly including the floors and wheels on it so after a while, it would get stuck or not want to turn.
You may want to have a towel handy to wipe your floors and the robot after.
2) I wish the bubbles would blow a lot higher for older kids but keeping in mind Fubbles is a small robot and intended more for infants and toddlers.




4) ChronoBomb Game

Set up your own laser field using the clamps and string provided in this cool game, then pretend to be a secret agent racing against the clock to navigate the course and diffuse the bomb before it’s too late! Be careful not to touch the strings – if you do the countdown will speed up!

For 1 or more players.
Includes countdown “bomb” clock, clamps, “laser” string, and more!

5) Slackers Slide and Surf Screamin’ 20’ Water Slide

Make a big splash with this 20’ water slide from the makers of Slackline!
Made with twice the strength and durability of other water slides, the Slide and Surf is built to last for endless water fun. Riders can slide or skimboard (not included) on Slide & Surf’s slick sliding surface! New padded start, misting side walls and splash pool will make the summer fun memorable for years to come.
Measures approximately 20’ long.

CAC Personal Review: Summer + water fun go together like winter and snowmen, fall and apple-picking, Spring and flowers. It’s the perfect match!
Add a 20′ water slide complete with misting walls and you’ve got splish-splash fun for kids of all ages!
My kids and every single child that got to experience our newest Slackers Slide and Surf Screamin’ Water Slide had so much fun and had nothing but good things to say about it! Even my husband and I got in on the action (despite the fact that it’s intended for kids) — I felt like such a kid again!
If you’re looking for an extremely durable and heavy-duty water slide (and have a backyard or space that you can use large enough to fit it), this is it.
The front of the slide is padded providing a comfortable start to some sliding action, there are misting walls for added fun and the end of the slide you’ll finish off right into a little splash pool.
For the more “adventurous”, you can also pick up a Slackers Slide and Surf Screamin’ Skimboard as well.
Having a small toddler, the running and sliding down bit was not an easy feat, so the addition of the misting walls and small splash pool still provided him with hours of refreshing fun.
We LOVE this product and may just easily be THE toy must-have of the summer!

6) Micro® Mini-2-Go Scooter Blue (they also have pink)

This adorable blue Micro Mini-2-Go scooter grows with your child, offering years of enjoyment from the playroom to the great outdoors.

Stage 1 – Age 18 months
Start out with the ride-on seat with removable storage space for snacks and stuffies

Stage 2 – Age 2 years
Convert to a stand-up scooter by removing the seat and drawer

Stage 3 – Age 3 years an up Extend the adjustable T-bar as your child stretches out!


  • Award-wining Swiss design
  • Non-marking polyurethane wheels offer a smooth, quiet ride
  • Removable seat and storage
  • Sturdy fibreglass and aluminum construction holds up to 20kg (44lbs)
  • Three-wheel, lean-to-steer technology
  • Height-adjustable handlebar detaches for easy storage
  • Rear brake for extra stability

7) Weber Mini BBQ

Little grillers will be thrilled with this Mini Weber BBQ! Now they can “cook” pretend food just like mom and dad. This realistic-looking grill also features sound and light functions to make the experience even more lifelike. Teach fire and food safety while having fun!
Includes pretend steak, shrimp, and chicken, pretend charcoal with electronic function, pretend lighter, 2 grates, and tongs.

8) Kettler Kettcar Melbourne

What’s the german word for “vroom-vroom”?
Give yoour child their first taste of German engineering!
Preschoolers can tour the neighbourhood in style in this agile and super-sleek pedal car.


  • High-quality steel tube frame with scratch-resistant coating and fade-resistant
  • powder finish
  • Enclosed chain for safety; riders can disengage the chain for free-wheeling fun!
  • Low-profile go-cart design for stability and safety
  • Four-position seat adjusts without tools
  • Handbrake controls both rear wheels
  • Sporty maxXtread synthetic tires
  • Large pedals prevent slipping
  • Durable construction carries up to 50kg (110lbs)
  • Easy assembly
    Measures approximately 36″ long x 23″ tall x 21″ wide.


Courtesy of my friends at Mastermind Toys, one of my readers will receive a $50 Mastermind Toys Gift Card!
Simply leave a comment below telling me which one of these your child would love and why!

Good luck and have a wonderful summer of play!

A Mastermind Summer Giveaway

52 comments on “CAC’s Top Mastermind Summer Toys + Mastermind Toys Giveaway”

  1. The Slackers Slide and Surf Screamin’ 20’ Water Slide because it would provide both a lot of fun and a way to keep cool on warm summer days.

  2. I love the Slackers Slide and Surf Screamin’ 20’ Water Slide. Water is such a part of summer fun and I can see this getting a lot of use at our place.

  3. The Slackers Slide and Surf Screamin’ 20’ Water Slide would be a sure winner this summer for my boys!

  4. They would love the bunch of balloons water balloon maker! Water fights are a huge hit in our neighborhood!

  5. My kids would love the Fubbles Bump ‘N’ Bubbles Robot Bubble Machine because they love to play outside with bubbles

  6. My oldest would love the Slackers Slide & Surf WaterSlide & my youngest would love the Fubbles Bump N’ Bubbles Robot Bubble Machine.?

  7. My kids would like the Fubbles Bump ‘N’ Bubbles Robot Bubble Machine because they love to blow, pop and chase bubbles.

  8. We would love the Slackers Slide and Surf Screamin’ 20’ Water Slide. Perfect for those hot summer days.

  9. my niece would love the Slackers Slide and Surf Screamin’ 20’ Water Slide! she just loves water and sliding

  10. I think Sophie would love Tropical Butterfly Kite – Medium the most because she has always wanted a kite.

  11. My grandchildren would love the Slackers Slide and Surf Screamin’ 20’ Water Slide because it is supposed to be hot out when they come visit and they would have a blast keeping cool on the slide.

  12. Oh yes, the Screamin’ Water Slide is the ultimate! My kids would go crazy for this in the summer. They would have a blast with this (and so would half our neighborhood!)

  13. The Tropical Butterfly Kite! It’s hard to fly but once kids get something really flying in the air, it just thrills them!

  14. My daughter would love the Slackers Slide and Surf Screamin’ 20’ Water Slide and my son would love the Weber BBQ. He is really into copying Daddy right now.

  15. My daughter would definitely love the bunch o balloons. Since summer camp, she had airways been asking for water balloons.

  16. My girls would have a blast with the Tropical Butterfly Kite. First because it’s a butterfly, and second they haven’t had much kite flying experience. It would be nice to try out.

  17. The Slackers Slide and Surf Screamin’ 20’ Water Slide because it will not only be summer fun but good exercise and keep the kids cool on the hot summer break days!

  18. the Weber Mini BBQ is the cutest thing!!! my daughter would have so much fun playing with that while dad cooked on the barbecue

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