✓ Buy presents, wrap presents, hide presents
✓ Decorate the tree
✓ Put the lights up and holiday decor outdoors
✓ Take annual family christmas photos for christmas cards, order prints and cards, and mail them out in time
✓ Organize and prep for the holiday family party (what I’m cooking/baking potluck, etc.)
✓ Buy holiday outfits for the kids
✓ Ava’s School Holiday concert and events
✓ Friends Holiday Events (don’t forget the hostess gifts!)
✓ Ava’s swim lessons and holiday picture taking
✓ Buy Ava’s teachers and bus driver holiday gifts
✓ Annual cookie exchange baking
✓ Baking for Ava’s school holiday event
✓ Don’t forget any pertinent Work deadlines that need to be completed
✓ Pay Bills on time

This isn’t even half of what we typically have on our plate for the holidays as this only covers what I handle — my husband has his own workload. As exciting and beautiful this holiday season is, it’s also complete pandemonium.
Thankfully this time of year doesn’t have to be so chaotic if you’re well-organized, and good thing we have tools that can help us stay coordinated and on top of our organizational game.

One tool we have been using for many, many years and find extremely useful in our day-to-day and even more so during the busy moments is Microsoft Office.
Thankfully, the latest version of Microsoft Office 365 has us covered with more new additions!

Familiar tools like Word, Outlook and Excel, plus new additions like Skype, OneDrive, and Sway – help you get things done anywhere, anytime, on any device. And best of all, Office 365 is always up to date, including Office 2016 apps for PC and Mac, so your family is always working with the most advanced technology.

More great features:

  • Office 365 Home, can be installed on up to 5 PCs and Macs, 5 tablets and 5 phones including iOS and Android.
  • Microsoft Office 365 works for you and lets you stay focused on what you care about most. Use built-in intelligent suggestions to find helpful information without leaving Office. Office will help you tackle your to-do list and end the holiday headaches before they even start.
  • The Office 365 includes the new Office 2016 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.
  • You can store, access, and share documents, photos, videos, and music with 1TB OneDrive cloud storage included in your Office 365 subscription;
  • and with Office 365, you can rest assured that you’re never stuck with outdated software because every new upgrade is included with your subscription


I use Word heavily for drafting any blog posts and documents for work and my daughter uses it often for her school assignments.  It’s good to have it on the go too on our mobile devices so we never forget anything!   With the OneDrive (cloud), we can store all of her completed assignments, and any of my work there for safekeeping and sharing with one another.  We can also share photos and videos too.  It’s like an invisible family safe for documents and media files.


Outlook is heaven-sent for keeping track of and sharing our daily schedule on the calendar. With all that’s going on, I won’t have to worry about missing any important appointments!

My husband relies on Excel for work and for keeping track of our family budget and expenses, because overspending can be a huge issue for all of us this time of year!  I’d prefer to enter the new year on a positive and stress-free note… and not broke! 

DSC_4369 IMG_7034 (2)

We can say hello to our family and friends anywhere thanks to Skype!  Grandma can call and see her grand-kids whenever she wants (and not just during holidays!) and our friends traveling in Costa Rica can share some gorgeous updates with us live with just a click of a button!  Microsoft Office 365 is so instrumental in keeping us organized, productive and connected all year round!
It’s just one of those treasured items you own but just doesn’t receive enough credit for all it does.  In this case, it’s a lot!

Are you considering upgrading to the new Office 365? Good news!
On November 26th, as part of Microsoft’s great Black Friday deals, Office 365 Home and Student will be available for $89.00 (or $69.00 with the purchase of any PC).
Additional product details and Office deals can be found here.

Wishing you a hassle-free, well-organized and peaceful holidays!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Microsoft Canada; however all opinions expressed are entirely those of the author.

29 Comments on Stay Organized (and Sane) this Holiday Season with Microsoft Office 365

  1. We use Microsoft Office 365 at work. Very convenient and quite cost effective when you have several pcs you want software for.

  2. I really need to update myself, all my apps. are old, but mostly I would love a new computer with all the bells and whistles

  3. Thanks for sharing this post,this sure sounds like a product we could use to keep things organized.You are very organized,i can tell by your list.And you are so right in todays world its much easier for families to stay connect anywhere thanks to Skype

  4. I’m not very tech savvy, but anything to help me be more organized is good. I’ve been looking for a good calendar/organization service.

  5. Office is definitely my go to for my needs like word processing and spreadsheets (budgeting on Excel is so simple!).. well worth investing in 🙂

  6. We really need this for our pcs in our house! With all of these new grandchildren, we need to be more organized than we are now!

  7. I love your Holiday ToDoList! It’s reminded me of a few things I need to get started before it’s too late! The Office 365 looks like it would come in handy.. not sure I’m ready for it right now, but I’ll definitely consider it in the future!

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