Button eyes, funky and fun hair and always adorable style, sprouting from the vivid imaginations of childhood, rag dolls can magically come to life thanks to Lalaloopsy.  We love Lalaloopsy characters simply because they are so perfectly age appropriate for younger children yet not so puerile that even older kids can enjoy them too!  

Now you can collect these characters we’ve grown to adore in mini sizes!

Take anything you love and miniaturize it, and it becomes extra special and super cute!  My daughter and niece absolutely love them.  

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Mini Lalaloopsy™ dolls come in a variety of packs including different hairstyles and outfits you can Style ‘N’ Swap.  They also have fun Playsets with different themes and styles.

We received the Mini Lalaloopsy™ Style ‘N’ Swap Playset, Salon which features a cute mini salon complete with a Mini Lalaloopsy, two extra hair pieces, and tiny hair salon accessories.  We also received a Mini Lalaloopsy™ Style ‘N’ Swap Doll, Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff, which comes with a nightie, two head pieces, two outfits and two sets of shoes giving you 16 ways to mix ‘n’ match!   Again, what’s great with the line-up of Mini Lalaloopsy™ dolls and playsets is that you can use the same accessories across them all to style ‘n’ swap!

DSC_5617DSC_5837DSC_5831 copy
DSC_5846 copyTheir legs, arms and heads are easily moveable yet strong enough to handle rougher hands (just don’t be too rough!), and the details behind every single piece is incredible.  Their boxes are reusable which makes for great storage although because of the little pieces, you may want to store them in a more secure storage bin.  I would suggest keeping the smaller items in ziplock bags and definitely keep away from little ones under 4 due to choking hazard.

I found these toys to be a great keepsake and wonderful for imaginative play for little girls (and boys!) and the fact that you can collect more and mix and match everything is great.

You can find Mini Lalaloopsy™ Dolls and Playsets at Toys ‘R’ Us or Walmart with prices starting at $9.99.


Once again, I have teamed up with the wonderful folks at MGA Entertainment to share the latest and greatest toys for Spring!  

From May to July, I will be reviewing and featuring toys brought to you from MGA Entertainment as part of the Spring Toy Box including Mini Lalaloopsy™, Little Tikes, Project MC² and NumNoms.  And that’s not all.  For being such great readers, at the end of this program, MGA will offer a special giveaway to one of my Canadian readers, which will include all of the toys we reviewed for the Spring Toy Box, valued at over $200.00!  Wow!

Stay tuned and be sure to check out our monthly toy reviews for your chance to win!

15 Comments on Spring Toy Box: Mini Lalaloopsy™ Style ‘N’ Swap

  1. My granddaughter loves small toys she can hold in her hand,she does not like big toys i just know she will love these.I see hours of fun with these.

  2. These are fairly priced which i like and i love that you can change their clothes and hair,the kids will enjoy these so much

  3. These dolls are adorable! One of my good friends daughter went as a Lalaloopsy doll for Halloween. It was the best costume ever!

  4. I just love Lalaloopsy and I hope my granddaughter will love her as much as I do, so I can spoil her with the dolls and get to play too!!

  5. wow how amazing! and these toys are totally adorable. i love that you can change their clothes and hair. how fun

  6. These are really cute. My kids would love how little they are and how many extras they can style the dolls with.

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