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I have always loved this colour but as of late, I’ve been pretty much obsessed over it.
Something about it is just so calming and makes me envision quiet moments by the beach on white sands.
MINT GREEN – my current favourite colour!

Now that Spring is peeking through, I cannot wait to start incorporating more of this colour into my wardrobe.

I am trying to convince my husband that I would like to paint my entire home mint green or at least the door. Let’s see if that’s something that we can agree on. 🙂

What colour are you currently infatuated with?

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  1. I love the colour blue and don’t think I even own anything mint green. After looking at your post, I think I should add something mint green like a top at least!

  2. I’m a bit obsessed with this colour as well. To the point that I’ve mixed my own chalk paint and have repainted a hutch, a chair, and lots of picture frames.

  3. I feel your love for green! I will tag you on a post on IG of the wedding of my dreams! Just spectacular colours!! @mamalangs5

  4. There’s nothing like the unique mint green fashion accessory to make a statement. I have a scarf that I pull out to finish off an outfit and I always get compliments on it. All hail mint green!

  5. I recently bought a nail color in this shade and I can’t help but smile everytime I look at my nails….reminds me of summer.

  6. Mint green is a wonderful colour. It feels fresh and bright, just like spring. I’m also quite fond of royal blue and emerald green.

  7. i’m not a fan of green but i like this mint green. not sure if i can pull off a dress in mint green but maybe i’ll try a mint clutch. I love coral. trying to switch up my wardrobe with bright colors instead of wearing just black or white

  8. I really like the colour. I think it would be nice for my toes.
    Where does the tunic on the bottom come from?

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