“Tonight,we are young.  So let’s set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun.”

That song is so catchy, isn’t it?! Wonder why we seem to be so captivated by this song airing all over the radio stations by Fun?  
Because we love the idea of being young again. 
Being carefree and just having that one awesome night where you can “set the world on fire” just like you use to have before the kids came along.  Before the career prospered.  Before the mortgage payments among the other monthly bills kicked in. 
Do you remember those times?
Recently, we set our clocks back one hour as it was the end of daylight savings and everywhere I looked people were excitedly commenting about that extra hour they would get that day, specifically that extra hour of sleep.  And while they were all chattering away with anticipation for fall-back, here I was rolling my (raccoon-like) eyes, grasping tightly to my coffee mug that has been my daily side-kick for the past few weeks while attempting to reply to a quick email before the baby woke up for his feeding or my 4 year old daughter figured out I was away for too long & needed something from me.  Sleep? What is that? Not sure it’s even in my vocabulary anymore.
And that extra hour? That extra hour will mean absolutely nada to me or my entire household.
I’m pretty sure my children will not get the memo — it may even make for an even messier schedule. *sigh*
What do you do when you finally get that time to yourself?  Sadly, I have to admit any extra time during the day is spent either catching up on emails or some sort of household chore.

I would like to take this moment to brag profusely about the amazing and supportive husband I have.  It’s the new generation of fathers out there.  The ones that (thank goodness), play such a huge part in helping out with the children and household duties.  In fact, I don’t think I know any new-age father out there these days that don’t actively participate in the daily grind of parenting (that includes diaper changes and laundry!).

My husband is the designated diaper changer in this house — King of Poopies, if you will.
And you know what, he has no issues with it at all.  If you watch all the new diaper commercials these days, who do you usually see in them? Dads! Bless them. 🙂

Okay, back to what I was initially trying to talk about here in this post — our youth, our vitality, our freedom.

When was the last time you felt young? And when I say that, the last time you let yourself go?

When I say let yourself go, I’m not talking about wearing mom jeans, gaining an irresponsible 25 lbs by chowing down on nothing but junk food with zero exercise…

or wearing socks with crocs or even worse…
the “UGG-ly” sweat pants tucked into a pair of Ugg boots everywhere you go.  Sorry if I offended anyone here… actually I’m not sorry — what are you thinking?

I’m talking about a time recently when you were out not thinking or worrying about anything to do with life, just indulging in some good-for-you gratification? Mom-ME time I call it.

Stop for one second and breathe!
Schedule some time away, just by yourself. You can schedule another time with your hubby (equally important) or friends & family. But try going out on your own. Just you sans kids.  It’s liberating.  And it’s healthy.

I just recently did this for myself as I am guilty of never wanting to leave the kids (especially having an 8 week old baby) and very rarely get out.  And boy did it feel amazing.
It was as simple as heading to the local bookstore, browsing through books and novelty products while enjoying a tall green tea latte.
For once, even if it only lasted for about 30 minutes until I passed the baby and kids section, did I not think about my daily responsibilities.
It was 30 minutes of uninterrupted me time (mind & body), that I very much needed.
We all do.

Okay, so I didn’t “set the world on fire” or anything, Chapters would probably sue me had I done something to equate to that greatness, but I felt invigorated.  When driving to and from my destinations, I pumped my music (MY music — no wiggles or Gangnam Style *my 4 year old is obsessed*) and just enjoyed the one hour of freedom I had.

So Moms, seriously, don’t forget…

5 Comments on Mom-ME Time

  1. I really need to take some time out for myself soon. It’s hard because my family lives far away and I have a 6 month old son and a 4 year old son.

  2. Christine: I think we had this conversation before — you totally need to give yourself that special and much needed gift of Mom-ME time! You work very hard and when mom is happy, healthy and relaxed, it makes for a happy home! 🙂
    I think we’re all guilty of this. So hard for us moms not to put our family first more often. Chapters and a Green Tea Latte is my fave combo!
    And thank you very much! xoxo

  3. Such a great post! So important for moms to remember. I’m guilty of not scheduling more “Me” time. I need to hit up Chapters and grab a Starbucks Green Tea Latte too!
    By the way, totally loving the new look of your blog! LOVE!

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