For those of you that have or have children that have suffered from eczema, then you know how arduous it is just to find that perfect skin product that will help manage the symptoms of this skin disorder.

Many families have battled through this, mine included.  Before having a child with mild eczema, I was uneducated about it and really only thought that it was nothing, but dry skin or rashes that would flare up on the body from an allergen of some sort.  Little did I know there was much more to this skin disorder and the effects can be extremely onerous — to the person suffering from it and to the wallet.

We didn’t know our daughter had mild eczema until she was about 4 months old.  In the beginning, the doctors would just tell us that all babies have extremely sensitive skin so rashes were very normal.

We noticed she would break out on different parts of her body and had this one particularly annoying red rash on her lower right cheek that just wouldn’t go away.  We blamed different reasons for it — detergents, body washes, people touching her, food/formula, anything and everything.

We spent countless hours and so much money switching her body washes and skin products including prescriptions from her family doctor trying to help rid her of the rashes she would get on her body and face.  It was really tough seeing them on her, although they didn’t seem to bother her too much (*phew*).  As parents, you don’t want to see anything out of the norm on your child — you automatically assume it’s hurting them in some way.  Thank goodness with our little girl, her case was mild and not severe. 

As she got older, we learned how to control flare-ups and have found the proper skin regimen that works for her.

This is not the case for other children/families suffering from this skin disorder.  It can be very uncomfortable.

There is no cure for eczema, which is why proper treatments and education is required to control the symptoms of eczema.

I’m so pleased to have learned about La-Roche Posay’s 100 Family Program, a Children Eczema Sponsorship Program to help improve the quality of life of Canadian children and their families.

La Roche-Posay will be adding 16 new families to the program. Each selected family will receive the following:

  • Continuous eczema support

  • Information and education to help families better manage their eczema and improve their quality of life

  • A supply of Lipikar Baume AP and Lipikar Syndet at no cost for December, January and February 
Families will be featured on the La Roche-Posay’s Facebook page as they share their progress and achievements over the course of the program. The interaction of the families on the Facebook page will help develop a supportive network of families to share information and provide support and advice to those suffering from eczema.

To become a family, La Roche-Posay Canada Facebook  fans can submit their story to between Nov. 1st – Nov. 18th and tell them in 500 words or less:
1) Your name
2) Your phone number
3) Name & age of child with eczema
4) About your child’s condition
5) What joining the program means to you
6) What becoming a La Roche-Posay ambassador means to you 

There will be a pre-selected jury of 3 people to review and approve each family submission. The contest will be featured on the wall via status updates and images. 

As part of the program, selected families will be able to submit photos and updates on their progress as they use the Lipikar products on their children. Eligible families must have a child currently under the age of 18 suffering from eczema and must be a resident of Canada.

This is such a wonderful program and I’m glad that I am able to spread the word on this having had first-hand experience of the effects eczema had on my child.

If your child is suffering from eczema, why not submit your story? You and your family may just be selected to participate in this wonderful program with La Roche-Posay.

In the meantime, you can also visit their 100 Families Tab on the Facebook Page to follow the stories of the families already in the program to connect with them and experience the journey. You can also watch videos of dermatologists answering questions on eczema. 

I hope you are able to find the solutions that work for you and finally the relief for your little one battling eczema.  Let’s work together to better educate one another on this very common skin disorder.
**Disclaimer: I am participating in the La Roche-Posay 100 Families Brand Ambassador Program with PTPA and received compensation; however the opinions expressed are my very own.

2 Comments on Mommy, I’m So Itchy! La Roche-Posay 100 Families Children Eczema Sponsorship Program

  1. I have one child that suffers from bad eczema. It’s been very tough on us all since she was a baby. She’s now 13 and still flares up.
    Thank you for sharing this program.

  2. My entire family has suffered with eczema for a long time, this includes my husband too. So once we had children, unfortunately it was inevitable that our children inherited it too. Very sensitive skin!
    Hard to find a good product – will try and apply for this! Thanks!

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