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Welcome to the Monster Jam Tour, an incredible family-friendly experience starring the biggest performers on four wheels: Monster Jam monster trucks.
These twelve-feet-tall, ten-thousand-pound machines will bring you to your feet, racing and ripping up a custom-designed track full of obstacles to soar over – OR smash through.
Monster Jam provides a massive night’s entertainment tailored perfectly for your family’s budget, and these colourful, larger-than-life beasts are sure to capture the hearts of both young and old.

Event Highlights & Fun Facts:

  • At Monster Jam, monster trucks face off in two different forms of competition — side-by-side racing and freestyle:
    • Side-by-side racing – traditional bracket racing, where the first truck, with the least amount of penalties, crosses the finish line is declared the winner.
    • Freestyle competition – allows drivers a limited amount of time on the open floor to show off their skills. In this category, the fans serve as the judges.
  • 2007 was the 25 year anniversary for the Grave Digger Team
  • More than 4 million Monster Jam fans attend events each year worldwide
  • The World Finals in Las Vegas, NV brings 24 of the top trucks in the world to compete for the World Freestyle and Racing Championships.  Competitors are by invitation only.
  • A monster truck race team will travel 45,000 Miles / 72,400 kilometers a year by land to attend events.
  • Typical monster trucks cost $600,000 yearly to build, staff, compete, transport and maintain on the Monster Jam tour.
  • Steel body full-size cars are the vehicles typically crushed during a monster truck event.
  • Cars, as well as vans, buses, motor homes, airplanes and ambulances, are attained from local junkyards and returned after each event.
  • Average number of cars crushed per year: 3,000.

Grave Digger and his massive sidekicks will be smashing their way into Toronto at the Rogers Centre on the weekend of January 16-17, 2016.  To learn more and purchase tickets, visit them online here.

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Visit the official show website at and on Facebook and Twitter @monsterjam.  Don’t forget the event hashtag at #monsterjam!   

Looking for something fun to do with your kids to build up their excitement before the show? Download this Monster Jam Activity Packet here.


Courtesy of my friends at Feld Entertainment, one family will win a family pack consisting of 4 tickets to see Monster Jam’s opening show at the Rogers Centre in Toronto on Saturday, January 16, 2016 at 7pm!

*Contest Ends December 31, 2015.

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24 Comments on Monster Jam is Smashing into Toronto January 16-17, 2016 – Enter to Win a Family Pack!

  1. we all family,friends and kids waiting to see Live Monster Jam performace coming jan16-17 Rogers Centre Toronto,Ontario

  2. Id actually be gifting this to my sisters family of 4. My nephew is obsessed with monster trucks currently and he (and his sister) haven’t been to many live events at all in their little lives so far. I think this would be great.

  3. My son loves Monster Trucks!! He would be thrilled to experience real Monster Trucks in all their ear blasting glory!!! I can just imagine his own jams afterwards!!

  4. Would love to take my 15 year old and 3 year old grandsons. They are both monster truck nuts…but in different ways.

  5. We love Monster Jam, Family tradition for the last 18yrs. We go every year with the kids in tow. To hear the trucks start up and see them catch some air, have a tire here or there come off, the adrenaline rush, Its all part of the show and we love it.

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