muji-usa-logoMinimalist Japanese retailer, MUJI, is now in the West end of the city in Mississauga at its second and larger location in Canada; the first location opened last year in Toronto in the Atrium at Bay.
With a passionate group of ardent supporters for their wide range of unconventional yet modest and uncomplicated essentials including apparel & home goods, MUJI Square one is sure to be welcomed with open arms.
On top of being 1.2 times larger than MUJI Atrium, the Square One location offers the launch of MUJI Food (8 Items), MUJI Kids Clothes with Exclusive design available only in Canada, an expanded furniture display area with more selection, Limited edition items and more!


MUJI, originally founded in Japan in 1980, sells a wide variety of household, apparel and food products. From its beginning, MUJI has been committed to streamlining processes, the selection of materials and simplification of packaging, to provide quality good products at a reasonable price. Currently, more than 401 MUJI stores are in Japan, with 301 stores now open in other countries including Asia, Europe, and North America. Literally translated from “Mujirushi Ryohin”, the name MUJI was originally known as, means “no brand quality goods”. The value of MUJI products is what it is, without the name of the brand and/or the name of the person designing it.

In a world where brand name is often coupled with a hefty price tag and fierce competition, it’s refreshing to see something like this.

CAC had the opportunity to attend a press event recently to get a first look at the new MUJI Square One before it opened its doors to the public.


Their popular gel ink pens and notebooks. Love the oil-based pens — no smudging!


Their aroma diffuser’s with a variety of calming essential oils are a must-have in the bedroom!
Their #MijuYourself Stamp Station is a free offering to personalize your newly purchased items.
Quite possibly one of my favourite MUJI products, their Acrylic Storage containers.


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IMG_6306 IMG_6305 IMG_6294 IMG_6279 IMG_6270
IMG_6302 IMG_6313

Learn more by visiting MUJI online at:


100 City Centre Drive
Mississauga, ON L5B 2C9
(Located right across Garage Clothing and next to MAC Cosmetics)

12 comments on “MUJI Opens Second Canadian Location in Mississauga, MUJI Square One”

  1. Thank you for writing your review on Muji. I also enjoyed walking through it. I think the location near eaton centre closed or maybe I’m mistaking. Thanks for the review.

  2. What an interesting type of store! I want a Muji in Calgary!! I’m really intrigued by the selection of goods.

  3. I have never heard of Muji before, but, I trust your style! I’ll def check it out when I’m at Square One! Thanks for the intro!

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