All good music resembles something. Good music stirs by its mysterious resemblance to the objects 
and feelings which motivated it.
~ Jean Cocteau

It’s true.
Music always takes you somewhere. Wherever you want it to.  
Sometimes places you don’t want it to, sometimes places you forgot about but suddenly remembered, sometimes to those very moments in our lives that we cherish and have such profound memories of.
Today I was having one of those days where I was going through emails, reading blogs & articles, catching up with old friends on Skype and all while doing so, I decided to log onto good ‘ol YouTube and play a music video of a song that suddenly popped in my head while talking to a friend.  
A song that I haven’t heard in years!
If you’re familiar with YouTube, once you play one music video, on the right they would provide a list of suggested videos of other songs that were popular during that same time that song you were playing was, including more songs from that artist.
Hello Memories! 
Playing song after song, even seeing some that I totally forgot about but once it played, had my mind surge with a bounteous amount of memories.  I was suddenly back in high school or college or that time when my husband and I first started dating.  Amazing where music can take you.

It also made me realize how much better music was back in the day than it is now. *sigh*
I do enjoy Top 40 and modern day music but nothing ever compares to the music that you grew up with, right?

Sometimes after my husband and I have a little spat, if I listen to music that reminds me of those times, you know the “honeymoon” phase of our relationship, it really softens my heart.  Music does that to you.
It puts your heart in a place that it should be in.  

Have you listened to some music today?
Try going back in time with older music from those days way back when and see where it takes you.
It’s a nostalgic, beautiful déja vu.

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