This will forever be a topic that will trigger a debate (and also some really tough memories) — some positive, some genuinely constructive criticism, some negative (specifically from mothers that are pretty passionate and most often narrow-minded) and I usually like to keep myself out of the Breast and Bottle controversy.
Why? Because I’m perfectly content in my belief that BEST is best.

What does that mean?
It means that I support whatever is best for the baby that mom feels in her heart is best for her child.
And that’s where I will stop discussing.
It’s clearly evident breast-milk carries the right nutrients exclusively for your baby, it’s the reason why we produce it as humans to begin with. But there are also many reasons why moms cannot exclusively breastfeed… and you know what, it’s very sad and discouraging in the first while for them. I know, because I’m one of those moms.

When I finally conceived my firstborn daughter after a really rocky year of infertility treatments, my husband and I were over the moon. We prepared well in advance buying only what we researched was the best and of course, all I had in my mind and was set on was that I would be breastfeeding my child. I bought the expensive pumps, the breastfeeding pillows, bras, tanks, privacy shades – the whole nine yards! I didn’t think anything of it at the time just that as soon as my daughter was born, she would be be a breastfed baby.

After her birth, I unfortunately had the most unpleasant experience with the nurses at the hospital. I provided the colostrum my baby needed, attempted incessantly to breastfeed and produce milk, pumped, was seen by lactation consultants in the hospital and forced never to give up… which of course I had no intentions of doing. But I was getting downcast, my nipples were hurting so badly, I was recovering from a cesarean and there was only probably one nurse that I felt comfortable with and I felt truly understood my pain and suffering.
When I asked to finally supplement with some formula, I was treated like I was bad mother and it was a very bad idea.
As a first-time mom that had struggled the way I did to get pregnant only to feel like I was a failure only a few days after my miracle was born because my body would not produce milk was very devastating. I then developed mastitis, a painful infection in my breasts.
The nurses said I couldn’t go home until I successfully breastfed. What?!

I finally broke down and cried, and cried and cried until my eyes were as swollen as my breasts were.
Is this what motherhood was suppose to feel like?
That caring nurse came into my room, sat beside me, embraced me and told me something I will never forget.
She said calmly: “Do whatever you can to make your baby happy. If that means giving her some formula, then by all means, give her some formula. You’re already doing a great job, mom.”
My tears continued to flow, but this time, tears of relief, happiness, and most of all comfort.
She was a mom of 6, breastfed and formula fed and God bless her for being in the occupation that she was in – Dealing with moms that need that type of support.

When my son was born, I decided I would try again and if the same thing happened again, I would not beat myself up and do what I needed to do.
I took vitamins, drank tea/beverages, whatever you can to produce more breast-milk in prep for my son.
As you can see again, it was what I wanted.
My son was born, and although my milk supply came in quicker than last time and more abundantly, I was only able to breastfeed for a few weeks until unfortunately I got another infection and my supply withered.
I didn’t beat myself up this time. I continued to feed my children and provide whatever nutrients I could as a caring and loving mom and they are both thriving, happy and healthy! I had my skin-to-skin bonding time with a warm bottle for feeding my little ones and my children were still able to look me in the eyes, play with my hair and cuddle. And you know, dad also was able to get in on this cherished feeding/bonding time anytime he wanted to and loved every bit of it.

Of course, throughout the years with both babies, family, friends, strangers would ask me if I was breastfeeding and never surprised at a few reactions, but at the end of the day, I was fulfilled as a mother seeing my beautiful, flourishing children and had nobody even known whether or not they were breastfed or formula-fed, who would have known? Nobody!

One of the brands that I have successfully used for bottle-feeding both my children was Playtex®.

Playtex logo

I remember using the Playtex VentAire with my daughter after she had some slight colic issues with success and now my son has only used Playtex bottles.

The angled Playtex® VentAire® is designed to make feeding easier for both mom and baby. Uniquely created to reduce colic, the bottom vent helps to decrease air ingestion, and the angled design promotes pediatrician recommended semi-upright feeding.
The Playtex® VentAire® is a reusable bottle, ideal for continued use at home, is top rack dishwasher safe and leak-proof** and can be used with any new Playtex nipple.
The Playtex® VentAire® is available at all major retailers across Canada for a suggested retail price of $7.99.

One of the important features of finding the right bottle for baby is the nipple.
We spent countless of dollars trying to find the right bottle and nipple that our baby would love. This is why I’m so thrilled to hear that Playtex® has launched their new Nipple Innovations!
The Playtex® Nipple Variety Pack is a new and revolutionary addition to the Playtex® Infant Feeding line.

pTRU1-17719985dt With two different nipple-flow speeds, slow and medium, and four distinct shapes including Breastlike, Naturalatch, Fullsized for a wider mouth and Angled for semi-upright feeding, moms can mix and match Playtex nipples and bottles (VentAire® Bottles and Nurser with Drop-Ins® Liners Bottles) to find the perfect bottle-nipple combination right from the start



     Breastlike Shape – Featuring a sloped area around the nipple      that mimics the shape of the breast




Naturalatch® – Designed to be most like a mothers breast, it features a raised, textured area that is like the breast and is designed to promote latch-on





Fullsized – Developed for wider mouths, this nipple mimics large size nipples




Angled – Created to promote upright feeding which can help in reducing ear infections



This beats wasting your money and being able to try out which nipple is best suited for you little one in one shot. So clever! But I’m not surpried. Playtex has been proving to me time and time again their ingenuity with their products.

The Playtex® Nipple Variety Pack is available at all major retailers across Canada for a suggested retail price of $7.99 and is also available in a Bottle and Nipple Gift Set which includes all four nipples as well as Playtex VentAire and Nurser with Drop-Ins Liners Systems. The new nipples are also sold separately as 2-packs for when moms find the right nipple for their baby’s unique feeding preferences.

So I encourage all you moms to please have heart.
Be considerate of how others moms feel and what they have gone through.
Whatever your beliefs are, keep them (you are allowed to feel however you feel), but have sensitivity and thoughtfulness towards your fellow moms. How they choose to feed their children with only the best intentions is up to them. They love their kids NO less than you do. And that’s what matters.


One of my readers will win a Playtex® Bottle & Nipple Gift Set – Slow Flow to help you find the better bottle & nipple for you baby quicker and easier.


To enter, simply comment below telling me which nipple you think your baby would like best.
Additional ways to win and entries via rafflecopter below.

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17 Comments on My Painful Breast to Bottle Journey Plus New Playtex® Nipple Innovations & #Giveaway

  1. Hi
    I agree w your post. With my firstborn, I was unable to breastfeed due to school, and not having the right info from nurses and doctors about breastfeeding. I wish I would’ve had more knowledge and had done my research back then, but I had no one to talk to or to ask for help. Now with my second one, I did all the research I could do, prepared myself, or so I thought. But she was born premature, but thank God it wasn’t so bad that she had to be in the nicu or anything like that. She was just little but got to go home w me. At the hospital, I told them I want to breastfeed, lactation consultants came to help me out, but she just wouldn’t stay long enough to get full bc she was small, so then they had me pumping and also supplementing w formula. So I was putting her on my breast first, oncr she would get frustrated I would give her pumped breastmilk ina bottle, then ssupplement w formula. It was too much for me. I was confused and didn’t know what to do. I felt overwhelmed by literally trying to do everything all at once. She never really liked the formula, she would always finish the breastmilk, but would refuse formula. And after pum8 every 2-3 hrs for about a month and a half, and going to appointments w lc, they gave me a nipple shield and she did good on it, and one good night she latched on perfectly with no need for shield or bottle. And I was soooo happy. I was ready to quit but she has been exclusively breastfeeding and I know every story is different so I understand

    • Thank you for sharing you story, Sandra. Good for you on keeping with it and the successful breastfeeding.
      All stories are certainly different but with all a beautiful conclusion which is a healthy, happy and thriving baby and mom. 🙂

  2. I think my son would probably like the Naturallatch. Love the way you wrote this post!! A great message for all of us!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. I had breastfeeding difficulties for 6 weeks and I understand how difficult it is with all the pumping and anxiety. I never imagined how hard breastfeeding could be. It is nothing that I was prepared for. My little one would love the Naturalatch!

  4. I honestly don’t know as we have just started to introduce bottles to our 4 month old. I’m willing to try any kind for him!

  5. My daughter is breastfed, so I think we’d prefer the Naturalatch when she’s ready to take a bottle…

    And I just wanted to say, I have been lucky enough to be able to successfully breastfeed both of my children, but I know that not everyone is as fortunate as I have been. I think it’s downright rotten that anyone would make a woman feel lousy for not being able to successfully breastfeed. The vast majority of women do the best they can for their babies, and sometimes that means formula instead of breastmilk, and there is absolutely zero shame in that. Women need to support each other more and judge each other less.

  6. Oh Carol, thanks for sharing your story.
    I know how difficult it’s been for you. And I agree that women can be so cruel and judgmental towards one another when it comes to this topic.
    As a mother that has breastfed exclusively with a sister that has tried and also had a similar situation as you, I completely empathize.
    At the same time, I applaud you for being so courageous in talking about it and content in your decision. Your kids are beautiful!

    • Thank you, Sharon. I appreciate your kind words more than you know.
      It was hard writing this because I never really talked too much about this till now. I’ve been attacked many times before from supposed “well-meaning” family and friends and it really stung.
      I thought I’d share my story in hopes to inspire other moms that have gone or going through similar struggles.

  7. Thank you for sharing your story. I wish more parents were taught that the best way they can feed their children is whichever way works for them. Being a parent is hard enough without being made to feel bad about choices we make that are in our families best interests.

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