1. When matching fabric, paint and wallpaper choose everything else before the paint – thousands of paint colours make it easy.

2. Designing for a small space? Black is useful as it blurs the edges suggesting infinity. Use it in recesses.


3. If hanging a number of pictures in a room consider lining them up either along the bottom edge or along the top edge for a smart finish.

4. Ceilings 2.3m or lower? Swap pendent lights for recessed fittings, use floor and table lamps for atmosphere.


5. Mirrors are not the only items you can use to bounce light around a room – stainless steel surfaces, silver spheres, metallic wallpaper and gloss paint.

6. Colours ‘pop’ when put against black. Use black frames, black fabric, black paint to provide a solid backdrop and watch your colours glow!

7. High gloss kitchen units are easy to clean but do show up finger marks. The shiny reflective surfaces add contrast to matt surfaces such as wood and porcelain tiles.

Image courtesy of Groovexi
Image courtesy of Groovexi

8. Use big rugs – they add a feeling of warmth, alter the room acoustics, ‘grounds and groups’ the furniture.

9. If you want to give the impression of large windows hang your curtains right across the wall and only draw back to the window edge.

New Sectional RS with Wedge Geo Ochre

10. Small Space? Don’t be afraid to use big furniture in it! If positioned correctly and done tastefully with the right decor items, you can make any small space look larger than it is. Utilize shelves/shelving units/built-in’s to maximize space + they jazz up a room!

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