When I go through situations in my day-to-day life as a mother that I find challenging or having me on the brink of tears, I often think of my mom.  

My mother was the epitome of strength and grace.  She raised three children (with the support of my hard-working father) having started her motherhood journey in humble surroundings.  She worked long hours with no car while juggling the many tasks of school pick up and drop off’s and extra-curricular activities while still making sure to give us a warm breakfast, hugs and kisses, and bedtime stories before tucking us into bed at night.  She would sometimes be late picking me up from school because she missed a bus after work but she still made it.  Sure, there were days that I had PB&J sandwiches three days in a row for lunch but the one thing I can never forget is that she tackled each day making sure when we saw her, she was smiling.  She was smiling because she was able to be there for us and knowing that everything she did was for us.  Her children.  She didn’t allow little problems to defeat her or get in the way of her personal goals.  She had (and still has to this day) big hopes and dreams for her children and not a time goes by that she doesn’t let us know how proud she is of us.  Loyal, loving and persevering — that’s my mom.  And now she offers the same type of ardent allegiance and affection to our children.  Quintessential “Super-Grandma”, we call her.  Because that’s exactly what she is.  In all honesty, I hope to be half of the mother my mom was to me and my siblings.

Every mother’s day I wonder what I could possibly give to her that would express our love and appreciation.  I know material things never really matter to her (nor to most moms) when it comes from the heart, but for me, gifts are a sweet gesture to say thank you.

If you’re indecisive on narrowing it down to one item, how about a gift basket?  Gift baskets as a token of appreciation have been around for ages and personally, I LOVE them!  I love giving them and I love receiving them.  You can personalize them how you’d like according to the recipient’s taste and it’s just such a nice feeling receiving a special surprise to your door and opening a basket of goodies that are all just for you! 

My Baskets by Simontea is a Toronto-based producer of gourmet gift baskets for every occasion.  They offer same-day delivery on weekdays, free deliveries for orders over $100 and low shipping rates.  

If you want to surprise someone you love with customized gifts of varied types, you will find some really wonderful options at My Baskets!  Check out their Mother’s Day Selection here.

Courtesy of My Baskets, one of my Toronto/GTA-based readers will have a chance to win this My Baskets Mother’s Day Gift Basket (a value of $50).

To enter, leave a comment below sharing a sweet memory you have of mom.

*Contest is open to Ontario residents.  Ends 05/01.

Mother’s Day Gift Basket with My Baskets

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with My Baskets; however, all opinions expressed are those of the author.

47 Comments on A Sweet Mother’s Day with My Baskets #Giveaway

  1. I remember spending so much time watching my mom as she stood in front of the mirror doing her make up.I just stood there admiring her in awe

  2. My mom has always been my rock & biggest cheerleader. She still sends cards for every single special moment and holiday.

  3. My mom was always there for me. One time my hubby was being operated on and she stayed at the hospital with me and even had me laughing.

  4. My favorite memory of my mom is of her slapping bandages all over my knees and elbows after I had a bad fall on the driveway and was introduced to some road rash. I think I was about four years old and I think she gave me a bandage and a kiss for every tear that fell down my cheeks.

  5. A sweet thing I remember is dancing around my parents house with the music on. Now when my kids get to her place she still turns the music on really loud and dances. It’s awesome and I am happy my two boys have that in their life.

  6. My beautiful mother will be turning 97 years old in October! She has 8 children (7 girls & 1 boy), 19 grandchildren + 19 great-grandchildren, with #20 due in August! We didn’t have a lot of money with so many mouths to feed, so my favourite memory is when Mom used to walk us over to a local park to play for a few hours and then take all of us to the Dairy Queen, for a treat.

  7. It’s always special when my Mom and I play Scrabble together. Nothing says I love you like a triple word score.

  8. using a chair to stand on, wearing an apron that had to be folded over and making a mess with flour, a rolling pin and cookie dough, learning how to bake with my mom in the kitchen.

  9. I think one of my first memories of my mother was helping her out in the kitchen..I felt so special…She always made me feel special…

  10. My earliest memory is of my mom when I was 5 years old and the first day of school and my birthday. I was not a happy camper. She showed up at lunch time with cupcakes for the entire class. I can still see her standing in the doorway

  11. My mom Skyped me on Thanksgiving a few years ago. She then stood her iPad on the table at the vacant place setting and I got to join in my family’s thanksgiving dinner that year. They tried offering me food through the iPad and everything.

  12. My mother is passed but she loved Mother’s Day! She was so kind and considerate of others and the day made her feel so special

  13. My dear sweet MOM has the gentlest of souls and kind heart, always smiling, always helping and never complaining that I can ever remember.

    Oh by the Way lovely giveaway and the name just says come to me dear CHOCOLATE Heidi

    Thanks for the delicious giveaway

  14. When I was in an accident 5 years ago, my mum flew down to Florida every day (she visited me every day back home in Toronto too for months).
    She has always been there for me. I am lucky to have her.

  15. I enjoyed baking with my mom. She passed when I was quite young, and even though I follow her recipes, mine don’t taste quite the same.

  16. Just last visit with my mom, we all talked about how often she used to lock us out of the house accidentally, so that when we came home from school, my brother had to climb onto the roof and get in through a window. We still laugh that she would stay longer visiting her friends, not thinking about her poor kids coming home from school.

  17. My mother never missed sending her granddaughter lovely cars while she was in university — even if they were loving messages more suitable for a spouse! She loved her soooo much. Well, I will change that, she loved us all so much; she was a woman who was orphaned young and all she wanted in life was a loving happy family. She was so successful in that.

  18. It is a tradition for Mom and me to go out on Mother’s day for lunch and shopping. It is something a look forward to every year!

  19. My mom has been suffering with Scleroderma for over 21 years now. She is the sunniest, most positive person that I have ever met! She makes me strive to be a better person.

  20. I have so many! I’d have to say when she walked me down the aisle. My dad passed away a year before my wedding and she wore his dress shirt along with her pant suit. It was gorgeous. She’s the best!

  21. My Mom had 6 kids, I was the oldest. She told me the best days of my live would be the birth of my children. and that was so true. So glad my girls got to know and love their grand mother.

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