A fresh hot cup of coffee next to me on my night stand, the sounds of Yann Tiersen resonating and bouncing off my walls, the mellow glow from the sun through my white window curtains…
I’m sitting in front of my new laptop on my bed in a pensive state, reflecting and embracing the calmness that surrounds me.

My room is messy (my whole house is, in fact), I’ve got loads of laundry to fold and dishes to load, kids are fighting downstairs over something completely frivolous, plus I’m still in my PJ’s, hair a mess, bed a mess, everything a mess.
Everything but my mind. My mind is clear. My heart is at peace. I feel tranquil.

I feel this is a positive step towards the new year for me.

For those that know me, I tend to want to carry all of life problems – whether trivial or not – and attempt to fix it all in a jiffy, all on my own. I like to make sure I handle all I need to so that I don’t have to worry about it later. I realized now that as good as that can be, it’s also detrimental to your mental well-being. That I don’t have to spend my every minute “working” on something; that I need to find the time to work on myself.
I need to focus on enjoying moments and taking back some ME time, whether it’s for a few minutes to a few hours.
I’m not going to blame this on motherhood either like many tend to do.
So I’m a mother, but my lack of me-time has nothing to do with my family. It’s all up to me. I chose how I spent my time, or lack of it.

Life is imperfect.

So what if my children have their heads burrowed into their iPads playing games or watching videos, or if my son wants to eat a bag of potato chips as a snack instead of apple slices sometimes (gasp) or if a glass of milk is knocked over on my new table linen.
It hurts me to know that I’ve yelled at my kids for many petty things when instead I could have just simply allowed it and saved my kids the letdown of having to see their mommy so upset (and mostly upset due to my own stresses at that moment).
As adults, we tend to take out a lot of our frustrations on our children without even realizing it. We need to stop that.

When life throws you curveballs and hits, and you have your moments of human weakness and want to break down and cry or you and your spouse have a bit of an argument (which all relationships do!), I try my best to keep this away from my children. My daughter is a smart and sweet girl and sometimes I say she has an “old soul” because she acts way beyond her years. She understands more than I think she does and it’s nice that at times I can confide in her. But ideally, I much prefer to fill my children’s hearts with positivity rather than anything scathing to the soul.

Life is unpredictable.

I have lost loved ones over the past years, either physically or just personally.
For the ones that I’ve lost personally, friends or family that have become strangers, it’s a sad realization to know that I’ve contributed to this as well.
I’m finally at a stage in my life where I can admit when things are my fault and own up to it. That yes, I can be selfish. That I may have said or done things that pushed you away because I was prideful or because I was too focused on myself.
I have personally seen how someone can go from being on the top to falling to the bottom very quickly. Wherever you are in your life journey, don’t ever forget who was always there.

Life is a balancing act.

You can take care of yourself and focus on you, yet still care for your family and still be a friend. Treat others how you want to be treated, even if that means you have to step out of your comfort zone.
It’s hard to come by those that truly love and respect you and will be there to support you always. Hold onto them and prove to them that you feel the same way.
Every relationship in your life, whether personally or professionally, requires efforts from both ends. 50/50. Nothing more, nothing less.

Life is what you make it.


You want to take up an art or dance class that you’ve always wanted to learn, do it!

Are you thinking of someone that you miss and haven’t spoken to in ages? Call, write, text… there will never be a better time to reconnect.

Wishing you had more time with your family? Spend more time with them! Unplug when you can and create more moments. Remember, moments not things. More precious than gold.

It’s never too late to achieve all the great things and happiness you deserve.
Relationships, careers, talents, passions… you can and you will have what makes you happy. All you have to do is put in more effort, and it’s yours.

If it doesn’t make you happy or doesn’t stir your soul, say good-bye.

Life is too precious to waste your time on anything or anyone that doesn’t bring you happiness.

My hope for 2016 is to focus on being more happy. And creating more happiness around me to those I love and care for.

Happy new year, my friends.
Make it the best and most happiest year yet.

13 Comments on My Hope for 2016

  1. This was a nice post, and I love that most of the year has passed and reading this with the weariness of an (almost) worn out year and the clarity and hope that January 1 brings. I enjoyed this! Thanks for the feels!

  2. A new year is about new beginnings. Keeping up what went well and trying new things as well. The main thing is that we appreciate life and grow with every experience.

  3. This is a fabulous post, Carol. I was nodding in agreement with each paragraph as I read. This encapsulated everything I have been feeling as well. Couldn’t have said any of this better myself.

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

    • Thanks so much for reading, Christine. I tend to stray away from making NY resolutions as it tends to be more of a discouragement than an encouragement when January days pass you by and you find you’re slowly breaking each one. Ha! Happiness is something that people say are but in reality, there’s more ways they could truly be content and happy with how they’re living their life. And it’s all in OUR control. 🙂 Hope you and your loved ones had a great NYE celebration and happy 2016!!!

  4. Have a great new year, Carol!
    This was a nice thing to read before the start of 2016. Life is what you make it… so true!
    Here’s to more happiness!

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