I admit it, I’ve cheated on my husband.  Quite a few times.  Most recently last night.
Before you go say, “Wait, what?!” Allow me to explain.

I’m currently cheating on my husband with Jane the Virgin.  Yes, sadly I am a Netflix Cheater.  

Netflix Cheating: Watching a TV show ahead of your significant other.

New data reveals 46% of streaming couples around the world are watching ahead of their partners and most only plan to cheat more.

Over a third (37%) of Canadians streaming couples are watching behind each other’s backs. While 76% of Canucks don’t plan to cheat, they say “the shows are just so good we can’t stop bingeing.”

I just started recently watching Jane the Virgin and I am utterly obsessed.  I just love when I stumble on a new series that both my husband and I like.  The last one was The Santa Clarita Diet before that, Stranger Things and Black Mirror.  It’s an evening ritual between us both after a long day to wind down after the kids have gone down for the night and tune into a favourite series on netflix.  It’s like a long amazing movie that keeps getting better and better after each episode.  So good, in fact, that there have been times when I have a little time on my hands and just happen be sitting near the tv… you get the picture.  Sorry, hun!

In a binge-watching world where it’s easy to say ‘just one more,’ Netflix cheating has quickly become the new normal in Canada and around the world…

Cheating happens all over the world…though it varies a bit by country. Turns out Canadians are a little less polite than you may think with over a third (37%) of couples streaming behind each other’s backs. The most cheaters are in Brazil and Mexico where 57% and 58% of streaming couples have cheated, respectively. The most loyal viewers are in Netherlands (73% have not cheated), Germany (65%) and Poland (60%).

While no show is off limits to some (30%), the top 10 cheating temptations in Canada are: The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, Grey’s Anatomy, Bates Motel, Stranger Things, Gilmore Girls, House of Cards, Narcos and The 100.

Most don’t plan to cheat…it just happens: 76% of cheating is unplanned in Canada. The trigger for the growing trend in cheating? Two-thirds (66%) of cheaters globally said that “the shows are just so good we can’t stop bingeing.”

Sleep with one eye open: 25% of global cheating happens when one partner falls asleep. But whether this is even cheating is hotly debated. Half say “sleep cheating” doesn’t count (53%), but the morality of “sleep cheating” varies across the globe. Chileans think it’s no big deal, Japan sees it as unforgivable and most Canadians (61%) say sleep cheating isn’t cheating at all.

If you stray, don’t beat yourself up about it. Cheating has become more socially acceptable in Canada, with 57% saying it’s “not bad at all.” Unless of course, you’re the other half of the 7% of streaming couples who think watching ahead is worse than having an “actual” affair. Hong Kong is even less forgiving where 40% feel watching ahead of your partner is worse than infidelity.

To be completely fair to myself though, I’m typically pretty loyal.  I’m loyal because my husband is truly the best streaming partner!  He always makes the conversations more interesting and fun and I love relaxing together and enjoying each others company. 

If you have slipped, like I have, don’t beat yourself up.  Sometimes, a simple “I’m sorry” will do wonders.  

Have you been loyal to your streaming partner?

8 Comments on Netflix and… Cheat?

  1. I have cheated before with the show Stranger Things. Some of the Netflix shows are so good, it’s hard to stop watching.

  2. My husband works out of town a lot, and I admit in the beginning I cheated a bit. Now I just watch the shows he doesn’t care for!

  3. I have to admit that I have cheated a couple times, but it has been on shows that I know my hubby isn’t as into as me. The ones he really likes I do wait to watch with him.

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