Heading to the cottage this summer but still need your Netflix-fix?  Long road trips or summer rainy days could use a good binge but most often the lack of wifi results in serious Netflix FOMO.

If you’re worried no wifi will have you missing episodes of Love or Stranger Things or the kids from Paw Patrol or Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, don’t worry, Netflix has you covered! Thank you, Netflix. *slow claps*


Every long weekend this summer Netflix is setting up ‘Download Zones’ where Ontario cottage goers can load up their phone with their favourite shows without using any of their mobile device’s Data plan.

Because really, how much of “Mom, are we there yet?” or “Mom, I’m bored!” do you really want to hear this summer?


20 Comments on New Netflix ‘Download Zones’ Available for Ontario Cottage Goers all Summer Long Weekends

  1. The progress have come such a long way! My strategy to survive this situation is to plan short trips only, so I only get to hear that “are we there yet?” once or twice 🙂

  2. Oh wow, this is pretty awesome! I love the download feature of Netflix, I work overnights in health care and on my downtimes I use the downloads to help keep me awake haha. this is a awesome feature!

  3. Wow this is such a vacation life-saver for the kids! How awesome it doesn’t eat up all that data. Netflix rocks!

  4. One more reason to love #Netflix! We spend weekends on our boat – there’s no wifi in the middle of Lake Simcoe! This should keep them entertained! 🙂

  5. Hopefully, we won’t hear “I’m bored” too much but certainly on rainy days, this would be a distraction.

  6. It’s available here too, my daughter downloaded a few movies for my granddaughters to watch while camping for when they need down time or if raining.

  7. Thats a brilliant idea on their part. It will be very popular I am sure especially for a rainy weekend at the cottage.

  8. NO WAY! that is totally cool that they have download zones in certain areas! Amazing cause it is the way of the world now and we find ourselves mostly on Netflix then regular TV

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