I grew up surrounded by iron-willed women — my mom, my grandmothers, my aunts and older cousins, all leading by example with their dedication to their careers, their education, their passions, their homes and family and each other.
When I married my husband, I found out that he too was raised by a tenacious and industrious mother which explains why he is not only loving and respectful but also gallant and perceptive.

The other day I overheard my children engaged in a heated discussion in the playroom regarding genders and sports. Both my children are in sports, my son in soccer and my daughter in swim and karate. My son is only four but hearing the reasons why he was so intensely irascible actually made me quite proud.
My daughter had mentioned to him that he only had one girl in his soccer group to which he interrupted before she could finish by defending the fact that the little girl was a great soccer player and that soccer (or any sport for that matter) was for boys and girls. 

“I’d rather be a ninja turtle!”

At four for a boy, girls had cooties and were denied access to super hero privileges during role play games as far as I remember. This was just my experience growing up. I will always remember the time I played ninja turtles with classmates at recess and not being allowed to be one of them and resorting to having to play April. You know, because I was a girl.
Don’t get me wrong, April was cool. She was a solid and dedicated reporter with a feisty yet witty attitude but she just wasn’t a ninja turtle.

Times have changed. A whole lot.
Girl power has levitated to epic proportions and everywhere you look – from the boardrooms to your sports coaches to your tv screens – girls/women are preeminent!

This past month we celebrated International Women’s Day (which should be more than one day a year!), and offered a great opportunity for me to discuss the importance of gender equality and respect with my children. Having both a daughter and son, it was imperative for me to guide and teach them the importance both genders play in today’s society. My daughter will grow up to believe that she can be anything she wants to be and treated impartially to her male counterparts and my son will recognize and have high opinion for the girls and women that will surround him. They will learn to build and grow with the help of one another and that gender would be the last thing they see before anything else.

Talent and passion.
These are what we all hold inside us, what fuels us, and I think we would be happier if we learned to embrace them and set them in motion.

As much as I appreciate and am grateful for how I was raised, my parents still grew up with conservative and traditional values (which was common for immigrant parents in their culture) and having your children aim to be a doctor, engineer or teacher was more encouraged than their dreams of being a dancer, actor or interior designer.

I want my children to feel confident in their dreams and to know how much I support the things they love to do.

Shows to grow and learn by

Netflix has kids and family programming that celebrates the arts and can inspire kids to bring the story to life through their own talents. Unearth hidden passions or help your kids explore new interests by watching enriching content on Netflix as a family:
• Discover artistic passions alongside your children with enriching content like Julie’s Greenroom — a new show starring Julie Andrews. The interactive show features a wonderfully diverse puppet cast that explores everything from singing to acting to writing and more.
• Uncover new desires and interests for kids with Project MC², a teen live-action miniseries that unlocks young girls’ interests in science, technology and coding.
• Check out Beat Bugs, where parents can join in on catchy sing-alongs and share their love for nostalgic hits from The Beatles.

These titles can serve for transitioning from an hour of TV time to your daughter asking for a book on HTML, to your son asking for piano lessons, or the kids asking to take a class at the community theater.
Not sure where to start? Check out Netflix’s list of “Shows to Grow and Learn By,” to explore enriching titles as a family.

Making sock puppets inspired by Julie’s Greenroom.

We are such big fans of the arts and STEM learning in this home and my children couldn’t be more thrilled for these offerings on Netflix as much as I am.
My daughter has already expressed interest in taking up a water painting class and dramatic arts camp this summer and my son can’t stop talking about taking up a kids cooking class and learning to make small robots. How cool! I’m totally up for all of this. I know their interests may change along the years but I couldn’t be more thrilled to see where these will lead them.

What are your children enthusiastic about? Are there any interests they shared with you recently that they’d like to pursue?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Netflix Canada. Products and/or compensation were provided; however as always, all personal opinions expressed are entirely those of the author.

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  1. My girls love cooking/baking,reading and writing and are excellent at public speaking. I encourage these interests as much as possible by signing them up for activities related to these interests.

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