It’s that time of the year where many are packing their bags and vehicles and prepping for long drives or plane rides to spend time with loved ones this holiday season.

My nearest family is hours away so simple road trips for special occasions and holiday parties always require some prepping which mostly includes small travel bags/backpacks (in case of anything pretty much with children under 10 or impromptu sleepovers in the event of inclement weather conditions – Canadian winters, eh!).

In our list of must-have’s when packing for holiday road trips are:

Between delayed flights, lost luggage, public tantrums and that one thing you forgot to pack, travelling with your family can get complicated, fast.  In fact, 1 in 5 Canadian parents say one of their main concerns when travelling is keeping their kids entertained. With the holidays just around the corner, parents can look to offline viewing on Netflix to keep everything, and everyone, under control while on the go. From the tried-and-true shows you can rely on like Beat Bugs and Luna Petunia to calm any meltdown, to discovering new show obsessions like Stretch Armstrong & The Flex Fighters, Netflix downloads are a must-have travel essential for parents and their kids. So when it’s time to go on a trip together, one thing is for sure: when Netflix at home becomes Netflix on the go, everyone stays content, engaged and, most importantly, NOT bored. 

Netflix Packing Essentials 

No matter if it’s for your littlest one, pre-teen or anyone in between, there are Netflix shows for everyone in the family to pack in their carry-on. And it’s not just Netflix originals, check out the Available for Download’ menu on the Netflix app on your mobile or tablet device and browse all of the titles available to take with you whenever and wherever you want.

How do you keep your little ones entertained when on-the-go?  And what are your must-have packing essentials?

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