Some people don’t see this, but The Little Mermaid isn’t just about a beautiful mermaid hopelessly in love and getting her prince (and finally being the human she wanted to be), but there’s another very important message that we must teach our little “fishes”…

Never Lose Your Voice!

You all know the movie, but in case you didn’t have a chance to watch this much loved Disney film — Ariel, an inquisitive and rebellious teenage mermaid with a beautiful singing voice ends up falling hopelessly in love with a human prince (Eric) and makes a Faustian bargain with an unscrupulous sea-witch in order to swap her life underwater for life on land complete with a new set of legs but here’s the catch… she loses her voice in the process.

I look at this metaphorically meaning that you need to appreciate who you are and what you have and not to try to be someone you’re not… basically not losing your “voice” in your journey in life to achieve your goals.
This speaks to us all, whether we are 3 or 93.

This month, Ariel is the princess of the month and we were thrilled to discover the latest with Hasbro x Disney.

Similar to last months #DreamBigPrincess products, we also received a similar Little Kingdom Ariel’s Sea Castle Set complete with a cute palace playground that comes with a slide, swing, and vanity.
Place Ariel in the seaweed harness, and make her do flips in and out of the water.
She can splash, swing, and spin in her castle!
Keep the fun going with a back scrubber, a bathtub, and Sebastian!
Create Ariel’s outfit and accessorize her with the included Snap-ins that can mix and match across the line to build their own Little Kingdom!


As always, you need to be careful with the snap-ins around children younger than 4 as they are choking hazards.  My kids loved this toy!  It was interactive which is always great and tons do to with it, perfect for their little imaginations.

If you’ve got doll fans, they will love the Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Ariel Doll.


Royal Shimmer Ariel dazzles in a signature-colored jewel-ombre gown with glitter print detailing and what I love about all of the Disney Princess products are the movie-inspired features.
They really pay attention to the details from each princess and ensure they look as similar to the original princess we know and love. I can’t stress the importance of that when it comes to Disney Princesses.

True Story: I received a Cinderella and Snow White “look-a-like” doll as a child that clearly lacked the right details and did not have similar features and I was traumatized. Ha! Not really but I never played with them after because I just couldn’t love them as much as I hoped I would because they didn’t look like the real ones in the movie.

Lastly but not least, we splished and splashed with the Disney Princess Spin & Swim Ariel.

DSC_6179 copy

Wind up the seashell on Ariel’s back, place her in the water, and watch her friends Flounder and Sebastian float and spin around her for ultimate water-whirling adventures!

My daughter enjoyed this toy but I have to say, my Little Mermaid loving son LOVED it!  The toy is for ages 3 and up but I would say it would be perfect for kids aged 3-6.  There are no major risks of choking with this toy, which is great.

DSC_6164 copy

The doll comes with Flounder (Yay! I love Flounder!) and Sebastian and all you need to do is simply snap on the fin on the bottom and attach Flounder and Sebastion on the ends of her spinner to assemble.  Flip the lock up on Ariel’s back, wind up the seashell, and then press lock down to allow Ariel to swim and Flounder and Sebastian to spin around her.

It’s a fun toy, especially for bath time and for the beaches and pools this summer. The only con is that there are a few instances where she won’t really spin as much as we thought. You just need to ensure there’s enough water for it to spin and don’t forget to keep her arms up!

DSC_6141 copy DSC_6142 copy DSC_6163 copy DSC_6167 copy

“What makes someone special? I suppose it all depends.
It’s what’s unique in all of us.”

~ Ariel, The Little Mermaid


Courtesy of Hasbro, one of you will win your own Disney Princess Ariel Swim & Spin!

To enter, leave me a comment below telling me about an example of a time you kept your own “voice” despite the circumstances.

Open to Canadian Residents only. Ends June 6, 2016.

#DreamBigPrincess May Ariel Giveaway

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  1. I have a distinct style as a ateacher, and though it’d be EASIER and less scary to conform to regular and more quiet ways of teaching, I am glad I stuck it out and am now a very successful teacher

  2. I kept my voice when a woman waiting to pick up her children at school started to complain about where I had parked to pick up mine. I had my little guys in the car so I didn’t want to park too far away from the pick-up spot. But, apparently, in doing so, I was blocking her view. I suggested that she get out her car like I did. She started to yell at me but I held my ground with her. So rude.

  3. I listen to my voice whenever I meet people who don’t believe they can have any impact over things by their actions. I know not to lose my resolve and to persevere

  4. I spoke up about the bullying that was going on towards a girl in high school, long before it was advocated that we do so. Nobody use to speak up. Times have changed.

  5. I always used my voice when I go to clubs and bars at night and am faced with men’s entitlement, thinking that I should “be nice” and give them attention just because they exist and said “hi.”

  6. We’re pretty quiet over here…..but I’ve also been know to speak up if something is not right, just this morning I had to point a situation to the teacher regarding a couple of her students. Hope that was resolved.

  7. I would have to say i do that with my grown up Kids , as they think they know it all, i try to tell them stuff that would be an easier way , but they have a mind of their own , its hard to bite your tongue sometimes lol

  8. I kept my own voice at work when coworkers were putting someone down who was clearly trying their best.

  9. I find it happens most at work when people try and walk all over you. They need to realize everyone should be treated with respect

    • Good for you, Mel. This is so important to step up and voice your concerns in the face of bullying in any form. Sorry to hear that your daughter was bullied, my daughter was too. I was as well growing up. I’m sure all of us were at some point in our youth (even adulthood) but that’s why it’s important to have a “voice” and use it!

  10. Recently when a stranger basically told me to shut my baby up with a pacifier when my daughter was crying as she was overtired. Mama Bear came out and I told her how inappropriate and unwelcome her comments were.

  11. I kept my voice by sticking up for myself when some ladies(they were not ladies)laughed at me when i walked by(i have difficultly walking because of MS)I turned around walked right up them them and told them how sorry i was that their life was so sad that you can take make fun of my disabitity wished them well and walked away.Many sorries followed my walk but i just continued.

    • How disgusting. Can’t wrap my head around why people do such horrible things. I always say that it’s a sign of some seriously horrid insecurities for themselves. What a classy response from you. 🙂 Your beauty, confidence and strength shone through. x

  12. I keep my own voice any time I’m dealing with other parents. I find many people try to advise others on how to raise their kids but I don’t care how many others are doing it a certain way, I will do what’s best for my family no matter what any one else thinks or says.

  13. I make sure not to ‘lose my voice’ regularly at work, when I’m standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. I work with kids with special needs.

  14. definitely at work, I used to let a lot of things go that upset me. Now I know that I need to stand up for myself and vocalize my feelings otherwise I am the only one hurt.

    • Good for you, Carla. Definitely takes some growth and time to know when enough is enough and know your worth and respect. It’s sometimes harder for others, especially when their hearts are so big (as I’m sure yours is), but if we allow others to treat us a certain way, nothing will ever change.

  15. I used my voice to finally stand up for myself & the harassment I was facing at work. I had to quit my job of 10 years but I told my boss exactly how I felt & what needs to be done. I now have a job I love with people who are amazing. Changes have been implemented at my prior place of employment. Too bad it took me quitting for my boss to do something.

    • Melissa – this is exactly what my husband went through last year. His boss was the epitome of evil! Very toxic work environment.
      GOOD FOR YOU standing up for yourself and then making the right choice to leave.
      And CONGRATS on landing a better opportunity where your efforts and talent are appreciated and respected.
      No need to look back, keep moving forward. 🙂

  16. I gave up a very good career to raise 4 children. I took a lot of slack for that from my family and friends, but I never regretted it for a minute. I think it’s unfortunate more women aren’t in a position to be home with their children if they want to be. You only get a few precious years before the little ones are off to school all day, and there is plenty of time for a career then. If you choose that for yourself of course!

    • Heather – I can relate to this. I too made the important decision to put my flourishing career on the back burner many years back when I decided to focus on starting a family (infertility issues). I’ve had some brows raised on this.
      But I never looked back. 🙂 I’m thankful I can manage to still work from home part-time but I agree not everyone is in the position to be able to do be home. I respect all mothers decisions as long as they know their family is happy and taken care of.

      • I’m happy to hear your family planning worked out in the end, and good for you to sacrifice to be home with the little ones! You only get one chance to get this thing called parenting right, and raise these little people into happy functioning adults.. There is no shame in making that the priority. As I said before, I only wish more parents were given the same opportunity! My littlest one starts school in Sept, and my time home is coming to an end. I’m very excited to get back out into the world of adults and productivity, but I am so thankful I had this time 🙂

  17. I kept my voice by sticking up for somebody that was being harassed for no real reason other than the person doing the harassing was just a miserable angry person. Somebody needed to say something to make it stop.

  18. It was awesome and I’m thankful for that!
    Definitely need to be able to come out instead of suppressing it.

  19. In high school, I witnessed extreme bullying. Two small guys being whipped. Although I’m in a wheelchair and know I’m defenseless, I used my voice. First I interfered to make them stop, than I reported it. I was no angel back then, but hurting people is not cool.

  20. my family believe in keeping things in and to ourselves and never talking about the situation or how we really feel. Lately I have been letting my voice come out and be heard. Not only is it healthy but it makes me feel so much better to get it out then let it take control inside

  21. I use positive thinking for everything and sure that is why I’m still here. Was told 18 years ago I had 6 months to live and told them I wasn’t going anywhere.

    • It’s all about that positive thinking — law of attraction!
      Seriously, you are an exceptional role model, Juliee, and I applaud you. I’m so happy to hear of the outcome and your strong determination.
      Sending big virtual hugs your way.

  22. Im a very shy person when it come to me speaking out for my self but when it comes to my kids i will alway have my voice heard ,i guess thats just a mothers instinct

  23. I try to stick to what I believe and what I feel is right. Some of my family didn’t agree with me marrying my boyfriend. But I wouldn’t let them force me into “losing my voice” and stuck with what I felt was right. And it was, 16 years later married and going strong (and yes my family does talk to me now).

  24. Standing up for a kid when no one else woo felt confident enough to do so. It’s okay to be loud and confident.

  25. With kids I do it on a daily bases!! They try and change your mind when as a parent we know what is best! Like a sleepover at a friends that I didnt feel comfortable with.

  26. I have my beliefs and know what is right and wrong and never let anyone try to persuade me to do bad things. I am who i am and not going to let anyone change that

  27. One of my all time favourite Disney movies! My daughters would love to win, thanks for the chance! A time I kept my “voice” although it was difficult to do so was when my 11 year old was being bullied by the bus driver on the school bus! I spoke to the principal and also the school division when nothing was being done.

    • Good for you! It’s so sad to hear that someone that we entrust our children’s lives with on a day to day basis and should be protecting our kids was the bully! Hopefully it was all taken care of?

      • It’s gotten better but sadly, still not resolved. I usually pick her up at school so she can avoid the bus. Only a few more weeks before she is out of this school for good & it will be all over, thank goodness!

        • Can’t believe it. It should’ve been fully resolved asap. Shame on the school for not handling better.
          You’re certainly handling it so well! I would have lost my sh*t. Ha!
          Yes, only a few more weeks left! Hang in there and continue to monitor. x

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