I am dreaming of days when diaper changes no longer exist in this home unfortunately my dream bubbles quickly popped at the whiff of those diaper bombs drifting from the diaper genie as soon as I popped it open to throw in a soiled diaper.

I love my beloved Playtex® Diaper Genie® Elite; however I have to admit, as much as it has proven itself in storing dirty diapers and keeping the odours in, once the lid opens, those stinkers travel and take ownership over the room.
And they just linger.
My fellow parents with wee ones will understand what I’m talking about when it comes to those lethal stink-bombs. Honestly, how can someone so little wreak a malodorous havoc… in their diapers?

Playtex® has recently come out with their latest innovation to complement their Diaper Genie, the new activated Carbon Filters, and all Playtex® Diaper Genie® Elite’s now have the Carbon Filter as part of the system. You can learn more here.

The individual carbon filters can be used throughout the nursery or anywhere you want to eliminate odours. For use in: Diaper Genie pails, Potties, Gym bags, anywhere around the home!

I have to admit, my husband (who does most of the worst changes) and I were a wee bit skeptical because we thought it would take a miracle to mask those “nuclear nugget” diapers.

They were easy to install — simply un-peel the double sided sticker on the back of the carbon filter case (there is one carbon filter already inside the case + the additional 3 filters on the side), stick to the middle of the underside of the lid and there you go.

Honest verdict? We noticed a pretty good difference within only half an hour of putting in the carbon filter when opening the lid. Overall, there definitely has been a big improvement in eliminating strong odours when opening the lid versus when there is none.
My deodorizing room spray can finally take a break for once!

I am thoroughly impressed and once again Playtex has made things so much more easier for me… and my nose!

I am part of the Playtex MomTrust Program and receive special perks and compensation for my participation; however all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

10 Comments on New Playtex® Carbon Filter: Bid Farewell to Diaper Odours

  1. i found the younger they are the more you change the bag = less smell. As they get older less diapers = stinky.. i have been spraying a squirt of febreeze inside the bag but this is a good investment

  2. A new baby is arriving in a few months. I’m going to send this page to my daughter so she can check it out! Thanks

  3. Can this be applied to any diaper pail or only specifically to a Diaper Genie? I wish they had this 2 years ago when I had my baby!

    • It can be added for any diaper pail, Jeannie. Well it should as the size of the carbon filter case isn’t very large. You may just want to measure your pail lid dimensions and keep it with you when you plan to pick up the carbon filters.

  4. Hmmm, sounds like a very good product, I don’t have any babies here, but I do have a cat that makes some stinkies, I’m thinking it would work the same way on the litter box as it does for the genie, think I’m going to try this out

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